Wang Xing was so angry that the veins came out,Don’t talk to Shui Qianyu。 Otherwise,He still fetched water and rain? I just teased Shen Huan’s two teachers,I have some scalp tingling after seeing this,Hurry up decision,Can’t talk anymore。 “Shen Huan,You are waiting here!When I have to fulfill my promise later,Hope you look like a man!”Wang […]

Since it’s not true,That must be fake。

Think of this one,Ridiculed immediately:“Good you Lin Yu,To make my sister happy。 Bought a fake one,Iron necklace with glass for my sister,I really didn’t think of it!” Chapter 15 Can’t Identify Diamonds “is it? Then your vision is really bad,I can’t even tell the authenticity of a diamond!” Good one to frame me,Even the real […]

In Han Donger’s thoughts suddenly radiating,Shen Huan started playing rhythmically。

She hasn’t heard the prelude clearly,Shen Huan sang directly。 “Will you remember tomorrow,The diary you wrote yesterday。” “Are you still worried tomorrow,You who used to cry most。” “Teachers can’t remember,You who can’t guess the problem。” “I also turned the photo by accident,I think of you at the same table。” The first few sentences,Very light,Like mumbling,The […]

“To honor the host,The system specially rewards the host for professional Thai、Burmese、Japanese、Four basic skills of Korean。”

In Shen Huan’s mind,A lot of words and languages appeared quickly。 Good master, this is worthy of praise。 Do business as soon as you get the money,Not messy at all。 Too late to care,Shen Huan saw the injured Sositu,Struggling to get up,But it’s not easy to move。 “Big brother!” “Brother, don’t fight them anymore!” “Give […]

“Oh?”Shen Huan asked smoothly,“Professor Bai’s granddaughter is about the same age as me?”

“Seems to be a few years older than you,I heard it’s a PhD student,Very powerful。”Aunt Zhu said,“I have seen her many times,That’s a pretty,But just don’t like talking。” Shen Huan smiled,Did not go to ask。 To say pretty girl,There are more people around me。 But Shen Huan knew,Their guess about Professor Bai,Should be right。 Look […]

Oshemaru’s shuriken was bent by the Hulk of the instant fire,Looking at the shuriken that has been bent in my hand,Oshemaru was silent for a while。

Sure enough, there is no absolutely straight thing in this world,Just tough enough,Anything can bend。 Not only a great scientist,Osha Maru, who is also a great philosopher, has realized a strange philosophy of life from it。 . “Sasuke,How did you come。”See Sasuke coming,Xianglin quickly put down his own research,Surprised。 Although Sasuke is married,But this does […]

There is a leader to add more。

Probably that’s it! Finally bow again to thank everyone for your support。 PS:Although the pudding is rubbish!Plot without brain!Mentally retarded!Readers don’t hurt!Editor does not love!Often no words,Still love water!But I think I am a good author!Guiqi not to refute! Ok,Just sauce! Love life,Book lovers,Love you guys! Sincerely, Pudding。 ———— 143 The plaintiff is right(1/10 Subscribe,Ask […]

Liu Menghui didn’t care after hearing this,Sneer,Also lowered his voice and said:“Wanjia is a fart!Isn’t it a big business family?,Do you know what this guy is from??”

The tall man couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this,Then shook his head,Don’t know。 “Let you open your eyes today,Listen well,This is the distinguished guest personally invited by Nangong Patriarch Nangong Xilian to eat at their home!I met in person that day,Young Master of Nangong Family,Nangong Yunxi personally acted as his driver!”Liu Menghui was […]

And even if you know,Not necessarily safe。

It’s like my supervisor,I have worked with him for more than three years,But last,Isn’t he still going to shoot himself? “Ok,Then you pay attention to safety。” “I know,But about my resignation,I’ll go back to the company and resign later,No need for your help。” “Row,Then you can resign yourself。” Lin Yu finished saying this,So I continued […]