Deep in flavor curl of sound

Forget home that thick smell of years, curl of sound.    Outdoors take a Tuzao, set up a large wok, stir a mass of burned, festive fragrance started in my nose up.Wash Layu drifting, meat, poultry smell when the wax, smell drifting fried melon seeds, peanuts, fruit of, the Guapian, drifting steam rice, when rice sweet bean […]

Deep emerald shade, water and groaning

Light summer, Huaiyin turn afternoon, I drove away from the hustle and bustle of the city, came to the outskirts, looking for a quiet and secluded place to enjoy the cool summer.Bliss rare half a day, that is also, in the busy work, take a moment, into nature, broaden their horizons about, relax mood.    As if […]

Deep alley

Part a: alley dipped deep orange light coming through the narrow doorway, roads sprinkled by time engraved grind stone road cracks.A little girl blowing soap bubbles to turn his face in the midst of orange, the focus is so, is so persistent.This is Li Yun from the oil in the alley, if Dai Wangshu “Rainy” […]


Part One: persistent feeling to know you are rainy or sunny day, do not remember, just remember spring breeze was blowing, there is a bright shining Liang Ying Q in line, I will pay you the same as friends, with the voice of each other echo.Then you write an article for the lyric essay, I […]

Dedication to stick to their dreams departure

It has been said that the tragedy of life is: the wrong stick and easily give up.Looking back, indeed, one day something good is easy, but a lifetime to do one thing but it is not easy.Some people just do not have enough patience, do not have enough willpower, perseverance is not so easily could […]

Dedication of love

Ancient educator Confucius tells us: Man’s nature is good.However, the substance in power today, really adhering to the “Sex Education” there are a few people acting?In the face of those great figures of selfless dedication, we can not move it?Also the matter concerns an armchair it?    CCTV News reported last night, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese […]

Cao Jinghua selected collection of essays

[Profile]: Cao Jing, formerly known as Cao Tristate.Chinese writers, July 18, 1897 was born in Henan Romer, Cao Jing died in Beijing September 8, 1987.Lushi County, Henan Province.1897 born in mid-August 11.Lushi rural childhood home with his father reading CAO Pei-yuan, the initial contact with the anti-reform ideas.Fourth Movement back and forth, the unsealing of […]

Dedicated, eighteen-year-old you

Dedicated, eighteen years of age you that in mid-1997 to the cool winter you heard loud cries birth announcement in this special way you came to this colorful earth from my life more of a responsibility and obligation from then on I became a busy and full life and my world since then more of […]

Cao Granny and AIDS

Cao Granny’s house deep in the mountains away from the city, on this day, she ride into town to visit daughter.  Bus in the road leading to the town’s leisurely swinging.Lost and lonely people in the car, regardless of knowledge do not know, we pull the East West pulled gourd dipper pull up words.Cao old woman […]

Cao E monument of legend and Cao’e

Long ago, the Phoenix mountain Shangyu ancient Shunjiang the West Bank, a small fishing village a man named Cao Jiabao.A man named Cao Xu village of fisherman, he 365 days a year, every day fishing on Shunjiang.  This fisherman had a daughter named Cao E, the annual party fourteen years old, he’s Meirutianxian, but also extremely […]