【I’m not the one who is anxious to make money】 【Hahahahahaha,Heartbroken】 【People who don’t have the ability, don’t work hard, and don’t worry,Stop selling complaints everywhere,No one will sympathize with you】 【I’m working overtime,Take a break to relax】 【Same overtime,So tired】 Ou Baobao finished the comment,I know I seem to have said something wrong again,Didn’t […]

“As long as we walk to the highest place on this hillside,I should be able to see Sister Yanzi。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。 When everyone got to the top of the hillside,Sure enough, I immediately saw the top of another hillside not far away,The swallow is sitting there“See the scenery”What。 “Ha ha,Little Zhuge is really little Zhuge,Can’t help it。” Qin Liang praised Liu Xiaoyun with a hippy smile。 “Is the past?Or we all go […]

Wang Linlin asked timidly,In fact, she really wants to see Shen Ruoxue and others“Martial arts”What is it like。

“go together,How boring you are to be alone。” Shen Ruoxue replied,She is already unable to protect herself,But I still want to care about my good friend。 When Daochang Bai walked through the living room downstairs,,Qin Liang who is also chatting downstairs,Shen Ruoxi and the others also hurriedly stood up,Respectfully greeted Daochang Baek,But Daochang Bai just […]

Baby Ou’s heart suddenly felt tight。

Zhang Xiaojiang glanced at An Shicheng,so,Already violated。An Shicheng didn’t look at him,Still looking at Baby Ou,“What else do you know,It’s better to say it now。We can always find a way to help you。in case,What is really going on,After it happens,There is nothing we can do.” After handing over the fake gems,Baby Ou hasn’t spoken yet。And […]

Everyone has put the wine glass to their lips and is ready,Waiting intently for Jiang Fan to cry,Don’t know,He didn’t say after one or two“Start drinking”,But“Braise”。

This is terrible,Hand fast,Halfway through the wine,The unhappy ones have already raised the cup,Drunk and undrinked,All laughed to varying degrees,The wine in my mouth is sprayed everywhere,Two big table people,The common performance is turning back one after another,Coughing around。 To know,The spicy wine that choked in my throat,Not water,Even water can’t stand it。 Peng Changyi […]

the next day,Peng Changyi just went to work,Lu Hua walked into Peng Changyi’s office,Laugh when you come in,Peng Changyi looked at him puzzledly,Said:“Early morning,What’s so happy?”

Lu Hua said with a smile:“Do you remember the joke you told at noon yesterday??” “what happened?”Peng Changyi asked。 Lu Hua said:“Early in the morning,Ronman just call me,she says,last night,He had a phone call with a friend in Beijing,Tell me about your attitude towards this project and the investigation in the factory yesterday,And hope that […]

Peng Changyi Le,Said:“I find,Come to you,It does need some psychological preparation。”

Chen Le smiled,Said:“yesterday,A person from Qiaoqu Township,This person has a nickname called anti-aircraft gun,From the township police station,Because he was dissatisfied with compensation for land acquisition,Collided with the township government,Was sent in by the township police station,I heard,What’s the crime of running into the township government?,How can it be sent to the detention center?Even if […]

This is a sophomore college,He actually spent better time than some juniors,Even now the laughter is sudden and unpleasant,But no one laughs at each other。

I don’t know if it’s because of the other person’s yell,Yue Linger and others also opened their eyes one after another,They look at the surroundings,I realized that everything that happened just now was an illusion。 Secretly relieved,I hope that there will be no more problems similar to the previous ones。 Makino wakes up,He was seriously […]

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———— Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two Love yourself ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! Love yourself Qin Liang used his righteous words again,High-sounding excuses,Put yourself upright in taking advantage of Yang Shiyun,Straightforward,Anyone who disagrees with suddenness will fight desperately。 According to Yang Shiyun,Randomly […]

Chapter three thousand and twenty one A contest between brothers and sisters

“to be frank,Doing nothing。” Yang Zhi’s frank answer。 “Don’t you practice kungfu??” Shen Ruoxue asked curiously。 “Oh,Our work has reached a bottleneck period,It’s hard to break through,and so……” Yang Zhi’s awkward answer,He has a feeling of being lazy and being caught by Shen Ruoxue。 “Kung fu must be practiced every day,Otherwise it will regress!This is […]