All the affection of a father

For a father, the happiest of your life is the most difficult moments, than on her daughter’s wedding, took her hand and walked the red carpet, then cut off like a treasured flesh and blood, as she handed the hands of others on.  Looked at her without looking towards a bright future in determining the.In an […]

All Sunday within three years

In 1903, there was a scholar named Cole reap the limelight in New York Mathematical Society, because he cracked a worldwide problem..    When the results of his people made endless praise when a man raised his voice and said to Cole: Sir, you are the most intelligent people I’ve ever seen!Faced with this praise, Cole just […]

All power comes from the heart boil

A man lying on the ground, if he does not want it, then ten people also can not afford to pull him, even up also immediately get down.    All power comes from the heart boil.If you can not do a thing, whether it is a good relationship or looking for love, or lose weight, because you […]

All over the world, is your voice

In the street, I was surprised to see her back.Just a skinny slender back, but he certainly knew her.Although they have not seen for 10 years.  His catch up, beat up a quick photo on her shoulder.A beautiful face turned from surprise to dismay, just for a second time.He laughed, she laughed.He said that 10 years […]

all of these

REVIEW friends, go, move forward it, and then the pain Ye Hao.However, we should remember that occasionally come back to see what you have lost, but often stop to look at everything you have now with, remember, there is no excuse to be a reason why you do not pay attention to squander them, please […]

All my heart, both fingertips touched the cold inside

Once you had away from me.Today, only one of my.No kind of love, you need to give up their dignity degrades.And their humble love, might as well choose Single.  The bell rang, the students were told, back to the classroom, just a few minutes to sit down and listen, came the knock on the door, came […]

All kinds of love

Sometimes I go to the shop dumplings, dumplings served, I always stared at it full of a transparent body, northerners call it “steaming ingot”, in fact, it is much better than the chilled ingot , dumpling itself is a perfect world, a thin cocoon, covered with an abundance of simple and delicious.    I especially like to […]

All kinds of folk drinking customs

“Full moon wine” or “Days of Wine”, one of China ‘s Ethnic universal custom, have a baby, full moon, put a few tables banquet, invite friends and family to celebrate, friends and family are generally required with gifts, and some send red envelopes.”Send wine”: old child after birth, as calculated asked people to have hit […]

All kinds of expectations and had not yet withered unknown

Yesterday downstairs to a table upstairs today to bid farewell to a number of people carried away the bitterness and joy do not know how to talk to who should belong irrespective of how difficult their primary concern, “colon” vain have kept their promises to implement just unconscionable mission in the shoulder away from the […]

all is meant to be

A little while ago, Wu Feifei romance.She got depressed and had focussed on the network every day.By chance, Wu Feifei in the city met online Nvwang called Rose.At first, Wu Feifei just to pass the time, just talk to her talk.Unexpectedly, the more they talk the more speculative.  Three months later, they have become girlfriends talk […]