So the four little girls sat next to the creek again……

“It seems that the show is over,No show。” Qiangzi whispered to Qin Liang。 “You haven’t seen enough?” Qin Liang smiled and asked。 “Such a wonderful performance,How can I see enough?Not long enough。” Hadron’s deliberately exaggerated answer。 “That line,I’ll tell those little girls what you said in a while,Then let them act for you again。” Qin […]

“Sorry,I don’t have enough love,Did not protect you……”Turn to,Turn,Based on the impression of coming to her house last time,He drove the car to the road to the west of the city full of tall white poplars。

He gave high beam,Yes,This is the way,This road is the only family courtyard leading to the rows of old-fashioned conjoined buildings in the west of the city,Not long,Less than a kilometer,Just hit the accelerator。 Ding Yi said after listening to him:“do not talk like that,I feel distressed……” “it is good,Do not say……” “Maybe I want […]

He knows that Ling Mofeng has no real skills,It’s just a fighting bastard,So I’ve been playing with ease,He really doesn’t want to break him,Because anyway,After all, Shen Ruoxi provoked him first。

The guest that Ling Mofeng just spent the night before,If you beat him to death today,Morally a little bit unreasonable,So Qin Liang just wanted to show him something,Just let him retreat。 Ling Mofeng barely parried a few times,Can’t resist,Was beaten by Qin Liang,Can’t even stand,Where can I continue to fight back?,Qin Liang is not a […]

Qin Liang still said seriously。Actually, Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are so fragrant,Not just because of perfume,They both wear sachets,The underwear was soaked in spiced water……Anyway, all the ways to make yourself savory,

As long as they can think of,They both used it……“Don’t you know that girls are born with deodorant??It’s just that Xiaoxuexiang and I are better,More extreme。” ———— Chapter two thousand three hundred and seventy three How is the result ? Genius remembers this site address in one second:(Apex Chinese).,Fastest update!No ads! Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t want […]

To this,The elder doesn’t care:“Hehe,As long as you become the elder guest of my inner courtyard,Naturally, my inner courtyard will not have any trouble with these things。”

…… Ok,He is definitely pitted。 If this kind of thing is known to the outside world,The dignified elder is so kind,Inviting others to be the elder Keqing,I’m afraid I will be shocked。 To know,Who doesn’t want to be the elder of the inner court,Xia Chenglong is still unhappy about such things,Absolute prodigal stuff! Xia Chenglong’s […]

Yuze doesn’t care about his surname,but,This is a joke,Was it my mother who was talking about it, or my dear who was talking about it??Yuze looked a little bit cold looking at his relatives,This is not a place to talk,Didn’t say any more。

after that,The police sent the appraisal results。 Looking at the policeman with a hesitant look,Baby Ou has a bad feeling in her heart。 “This one,The little girl and Mr. Yu are not a father-daughter relationship.” “.”Baby Ou tilted his head,It’s not a father-daughter relationship. Why do you look like this? “but,Related.”According to the percentage of […]

Peng Changyi can’t hear clearly,Talking loudly over there:“Speak louder,I can not hear clearly,Signal is not good……”

Bastard!Is this something to say out loud?Wang Jiadong hung up,I thought I couldn’t let Zhang Liang’s wife wait too long,She can come out of Cui Ci’s room,You can come out from small meetings,So lest things happen。Thought of here,He came to Secretary Fan’s office in a few steps,Knocked on the door and went in,Sure enough, there […]

Thought of here,She admires Guan Hao’s personality,He really understands what he should do。

At this moment,A grunting cry came from Guan Yao’s stomach,Xia Jihan couldn’t help but chuckled。Push a plate of pistachios and almonds in front of him,Said:“Hungry,Eat some dried fruits first,Hold on。” Guan Yao said while eating pistachios:“I said,Is that how your Ducheng treats guests??One stays away,A deadly pour me tea,I can’t stand the torture even if […]

“Director White,Don’t kneel,I didn’t come to your office to ask questions。”

“what,It’s not Xingshi who asked the crime,That’s good, that’s good。”Bai Qingsong finally breathed a sigh of relief,I thought I said I would fire Qin Liang,Qin Liang is now his immediate boss,I’m not here to revenge him,Bai Qingsong stood up,Standing in front of Qin Liang with a respectful look,As if he was willing。 Qin Liang doesn’t […]

Qin Liang looked at Yanzi and asked,Because he knows Yanzi Gengzhi well,Candid character,That’s why he was surprised by Yanzi’s words。

“Don’t you think it is serious?The highest military commander of the world’s number one Dragon Soul Special Forces,It turned out to be a chattering anytime, anywhere,Nonsense,Man molesting a little girl!Don’t you think this is incredible?Isn’t it serious??”Yanziyu said to Qin Liang with heart and soul。 Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero […]