Every house should have a door. China’s door culture is very rich. Even the’ front door’ and’ back door’ are not a word to go by.. Regardless of ancient and modern times, Gaomen compound is a symbol of identity and status. Du Zimei’s ” Zhu Men dog meat stinks, and the road has frozen bones” […]

Break through

In the last two days, I have been listening to comrade Meng of the marketing department say how to break through her own words. in the end, I saw that she did break through her own words.. On the first day I came to think about Bada, I saw her go to the stage to […]

All Lives Daily

[ Original Text ]What the world thinks reasonable does not necessarily follow Heaven’s Law. For example, it is not illegal for the Charity Federation to withdraw 10 % of the charity funds as office funds, but it actually violates heaven’s law. It is important to know that the donors of these donations are donating for […]

A bastard’s theory

Essay on the theory of an asshole Yu Gongjin I never liked swearing because I thought swearing was a very uncivilized behavior. However, sometimes, when something happens, the abusive words blurt out, just like what others told me yesterday.. This incident is not my own experience, it is the experience of others, it is a […]

Forgetting, On the Road

The clock of time keeps spinning, and the sun and moon keep chasing, so we grow up.     I don’t know where the starting point is. I just remember to go forward. At the moment of being an adult, a road suddenly diverged like a river bank.. The soft arcs faint and dye into the distance, […]

Best song were scattered

As night fell, back pack, walking on the road a familiar piece of.Leaving just go to a coveted city.    Embarked on a parting of the train, the car all the strange faces remind me, this familiar city has quietly away.Not sad to leave, I am not familiar with the city of love, just because there is […]

A pair of iron chopsticks

This relationship, in addition to hurt, I decided to stay this pair of iron chopsticks, always alert to their own, remember this shame.    A strange phone suddenly rang, came the gentle voice: “You are right Qin Zhi?”I naturally back to the sentence:” Who are you?How do you know my name?I hear laughter, it turned out to […]

A cut Qiuchou, Ann warm the heart

A cut Qiuchou, Ann warm the heart…  We all used to be someone else’s roses, she met the surprise of a lifetime, but, then later, we still do regret the lives of others in Zhang Ailing sticky rice sub, end, or fall into the dust, fading fireworks.  How many gorgeous ring of silence, in the folds of […]

Falling leaves

Often moved to an unrelated own story, he thought for a long time, everything possible to make their own tears falling screen, collide with heart again and again, late at night, alone, according to the railing, to cover each pair face extreme distress in the dark.    Came from good sentimental era, a time when once again […]

Encounter, during the rainy season

Q. tears every day, without a word, the Red was a few ecstasy.In the blooming season, I met you – text, from that moment, I can not help falling in love with you.I do not know if you pull the red line joking with me, or I will not escape your fate draw dungeon.Ask the […]