She hasn’t heard the prelude clearly,Shen Huan sang directly。
“Will you remember tomorrow,The diary you wrote yesterday。”
“Are you still worried tomorrow,You who used to cry most。”
“Teachers can’t remember,You who can’t guess the problem。”
“I also turned the photo by accident,I think of you at the same table。”
The first few sentences,Very light,Like mumbling,The adjustable sub is very good,Pure and elegant,Sounds very pleasant。
The lyrics represent the school days,Everyone smiled unconsciously。
Han Donger just thinks it’s pretty good,But definitely not《Straw Hat Song》It’s so amazing when it comes up。
Sing here,The singing stops,Guitar music plays alone again。
Everyone is a person with common sense of music,I know that the chorus part of Gao Chao is coming soon。
“Who married the sentimental you,Who read your diary。”
“Who put your long hair up,Who made you the wedding dress。”
But everyone never thought,The first chorus,So short,Just two sentences。