Dark night sky,A meniscus,Lonely hanging sky,Faint cold moonlight,Sprinkle the earth。
In the Warcraft Mountains,The darkness is deeper,Only a faint bonfire next to it,Beating lightly,For this silent night,Bring a trace of warm light。
By the campfire,A teenager sitting on a tree trunk,By his side,The same girl sitting with her knees hugged。
Nalan flies on the other side of the bonfire,Fire stick in hand,Some boring turning the flames,Above,An unknown beast meat being worn has been roasted golden。
Turned,I looked at the lonely girl next to me,Li Chenfeng knows the other party’s mood at this time,After all, I just left home and relatives,Followed by strangers who came to this place,I am afraid that Xiao Yu’s heart is filled with infinite confusion。
“Yuer,What do you think?”
Li Chenfeng said softly。
Xiao Yu was startled by the sudden voice,Looking at Li Chenfeng who is full of smiles,Lower your head slightly,Whisper:“No,Didn’t think about anything。”
Li Chenfeng held the opponent’s little cold hand,Under Xiao Yu’s shy eyes,Softly comforted:“Do not think too much,I will protect you。The meat has been tested,Let’s eat first,Start practicing in a while,it’s here,Improving strength is important!”
Afei expressionless,Seems to have no idea what his young master is doing,Cut off the roasted meat of Warcraft,Placed in front of the two,And then returned to his place again,Like an old monk who has entered concentration。
Had dinner,Li Chenfeng took out a lot of low-level medicinal materials from his appetite,He now needs to practice his hands with these herbs。
Purple leaf blue grass,Wash bone flower,Wood Magic Crystal,These are the things Li Chenfeng prepared。
What he is going to refine now,It will be the foundation building essence that Yao Lao will use for Xiao Yan to enhance his strength in the future,Grade of second product pill,It is suitable for the current Xiao Yu。
Although Yao Lao hasn’t recovered yet,However, Li Chenfeng is familiar with the foundation building spiritual liquid that allows Xiao Yan to quickly increase his strength for the first time.,I still have fresh memories of the hit medicinal materials it needs。
But it’s a pity,Knowing the medicinal materials is still useless,So Li Chenfeng entrusted this kind of matter to several third-rank alchemists of the Nalan family to study,It finally took a year to get this pirated foundation building liquid……