Cao E monument of legend and Cao’e

Cao’e long ago, the Phoenix mountain Shangyu ancient Shunjiang the West Bank, a small fishing village a man named Cao Jiabao.A man named Cao Xu village of fisherman, he three hundred sixty-five days a year, every day fishing on Shunjiang.This fisherman had a daughter named Cao E, the annual party fourteen years old, he’s Meirutianxian, […]

Cao Cao

I like Cao Cao.  Since ancient times, emperors so much, but also countless good, but I only like Cao Cao.Other emperors nor negative attitude, but also to appreciate their great achievements.Of course, this is only limited to men, of course, for him as a person, I do not accept it.  Chairman Mao once said: a man – […]

Cao Cao, I’m your soul mate

I am an ox immediately 40-year-old man.Say as old as that small is not small.He is a hero worship of the teacher.Junior high school language teaching for 17 years, brought out several Siping teachers, had a Siping advanced teachers, advanced individual.Read the “Three Kingdoms”, “Three Kingdoms” are also less read 40 times, the text of […]

Cao Cao Ying heart

Recently I read a text called “our responsibility ‘up’ yet ‘, meaning that, with salary increases, our filial piety to the family, loyalty to the company and should be followed up.    We often talk of the town in our treatment, often tossing at home in our discussion of wages, of course, it is the breadwinner tool […]

Cao Cao tomb

Looking to the Eastern Han Dynasty imperial how melancholy decline of national power again called the court of smoke dim color Gong Wei third world strife since the loss of life of Cao Cao, coastal bases Emperor to the nobility dominating the north of the vast fertile mind like chicken hawk flying in the sky […]

Cao Cao poetry

Cao Cao poetry (26) (13 Lidai election, according to Fang Zhonghua “Cao Cao set” completion.Chinese characters were replaced the traditional characters.) Cao Cao (155-220): That Weiwu.Three Kingdoms, statesman, military strategist and poet.Word Meng, nickname A hiding, Pei Guo Qiao County (now Anhui Bozhou) people.Early give Xiaolian, the north of Luoyang Wei, moved to Farmington order.After […]

Cao Cao play Fisher Girl

Three Wei Emperor Cao Cao east Tateishi, wrote a majestic “sea view”, sung through the ages.According to legend, he wrote this poem before and after, as well as some stories to tell.That day, Cao Cao East tour came to Qinhuangdao Tateishi side, see the rough seas, feel particularly comfortable, big hair suddenly poetry, wrote down […]

Cao Cao heart is very tangled

Cao Cao, is famous, including women and children.For thousands of years, Cao Cao is a highly controversial figure.In the eyes of many ordinary people, Cao Cao is a big traitor.On the stage, Cao Cao was dressed as a big white face, the image of the triangle eyes, a play the audience to know: This is […]

Cao Cao and Cao Cao chicken

Cao Cao chicken was founded in the Three Kingdoms period of Hefei traditional dishes.This was slaughtered integer cuisine, honey-fried after coating, and then by Luzhu tasty ingredients until Sulan stew, meat and bone from.Finished pan ruddy color, aroma, crispy glossy, attractive appearance.After shaking off the legs when eating meat, bone Crisp rotten meat, taste especially […]