Eight mom supplies to buy on demand

Expectant mothers can buy postnatal supplies for themselves before giving birth.

Here are eight types of postpartum supplies for pregnant women. Prospective mothers are advised to purchase them as needed.

  1. Breast pump: If there is a lot of milk and it is drained after being sucked out, just buy a simple one; if you want to store it for your baby, then buy a good one, the one that can collect liquid.A breast pump or a breast pump.

  2. Nursing bra: 2-3, it is convenient for BABY to breastfeed, it is comfortable and convenient with activity buckle, and the length can be adjusted at will.

Keep the breasts clean, with double impervious breast pads inside, which can quickly absorb spilled milk.

To ensure the health of the breasts, all the cover body fabrics are made of antibacterial natural colored cotton, which is soft and breathable. The main products are Infant Valley Nursing Bras.

  3. Anti-overflow breast pads: Washable cloth breast pads are very affordable for use at home. It is best to use disposable anti-overflow milk pads when going out. The main brand is Pigeon Anti-overflow Milk Pads.

  4. Nipple protection cover: 1. Nipple protection cover can protect nipple cracking. The main brands are Xinyi and Pigeon.

  5, corsets: 1, corsets are usually good, we do not distinguish from the brand, after all, there are many postpartum corsets.

There are almost no price differences, and the methods of use are also very different. There are even divided between the celiac band and the cesarean band.

  6, calcium tablets and vitamins: how to eat before giving birth, eat as usual after giving birth, eat you, make up the baby.

There are mainly Zhilingtong, Infant and other brands.

  7, anti-stretch cream, prenatal and postpartum massage cream, body firming cream: buy according to the actual situation.

Calendula stretch mark massage oil, it can promote cell tissue vitality and circulation, maintain skin’s flexibility and elasticity, and effectively prevent stretch marks.

  8. Nipple Corrector: Nipple Corrector is a female product for treating female nipple depression or nipple depression. It is suitable for use before pregnancy and when feeding your baby. It is a permanent cure for nipple depression or nipple depression.