“Siting your sister!”Tiger King spit a few words:“This white tiger out,I don’t know where to go.。”
“No way?”
A yellow golden big hunch rushed out of the water surface of the Nether,Direct spit out several words:“Also prepare to foam?”
“Bubble,Bubble,Your sister is going to bubble,Don’t want to solve problems,Golden dragon,Come to help the boss。”Tiger King spit a few words。
“What did you encounter??”Golden big python spit out a few words:“Let Xuanwu help to deduce,Xuanwu is very powerful。”
“Xuanwu!”Lin Feng heard the light,Indeed, if this is to say to Xuanwu,Maybe Xuanwu can propose a reference view。
Just when Lin Feng said just,Nether cold pool’s water fried,A huge evil tall is on the water,It is the evil turtle。
Evil turtles spit out a few words:“whats the matter?Lin Big,Take advantage of。”
“I always feel a little strange.。”Lin Feng smiled and came to the water surface of the Nether Temple.,Take a pack of smoke,Then take three,I took out。
Evil turtle,Tiger King,The golden big python has smoked a smoke.,Swallowing clouds in the void,Lin Feng simply tells the dragon to the dragon.。
The evil turtle is quietly floating on the water.,And then draw a few words:“I know a ban,Named shot!”
Lin Feng,Golden big snake,The Tiger King heard the words, I don’t know what the evil!,Actually present this word。
“graft,It’s nothing more than intercepting the skills belonging to others.,Take this named。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“good,And there is a kind of gang to intercept the essence of our sacred beast,Be with you,Realize your own backing。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“For example, you have been a half-pioneer who is ordinary condensation.,You can kill any of us.,Then use this ban,Let yourself reborn,Your Yuan God has power will increase a grade.!”
“wipe,There is so evil ban!”The golden big python went to spit a few words。
“day,Damn,Damn,Evil turtle,What you mean is killed.?But how are they are the opponents of this white tiger??”Tiger king spit a few big words。
The evil turtle does not pay attention to the gold big color is a question.,And continue:“Lin Lao has said,If this nine dramark, if it is completely refined,,Need a powerful Yuan God,General masters cannot,We can,Lin Lao is not a http://www.guichunrizashop.cn problem。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts。
“I just said that this ban,However, this ban is very difficult,The success rate is very low。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“Suppose this banned banner is true.,This white tiger is likely to be killed.。”
“Killed?how is this possible!”Tiger King spit a few words:“The stick of gods, no one is the opponent of this white tiger.!”
“Normally,But you also said this is a white tiger of a stick.,And the leader of the stick, I am afraid that the combat power is not under it.,Kill it is not difficult。”Evil turtles spit out a few words。
“indeed so,So, this golden reincarnation also wants to sacrifice nine gods.!”Lin Feng’s mouth exposed a sneer。
“good,So I can hand it over,First,It is temporarily to tear your face.,second,He knows that his own soldiers will take http://www.ccxingxing.cn out,Will also come back,And your godman will fall into his hand.。”Evil turtle。
“Unless I am calculated。”Lin Feng Road。
“good,This picture he gives you,If it is a problem,Throw a few nuclear weapons on the first emperor graves on this map,I don’t know if Lin Big, can you escape??”The evil torch continues to spit a few words。
“can not!”Lin Feng shook his head。
“good,you are dead,These gods are all his.。”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“He can re-gather the soldiers,Send the treasure of the Emperor Emperor。”
“Xuanwu,sharp!”Lin Feng heard the thumbs up。
“Of course, all this is built in him to kill the white tiger.,Based on the ban。”Evil turtle:“As for the crisis that the King feels,I am afraid another hidden master there,Dangerous feeling,Lin Boss, you may not be better than us.!”