Dark night sky,A meniscus,Lonely hanging sky,Faint cold moonlight,Sprinkle the earth。 In the Warcraft Mountains,The darkness is deeper,Only a faint bonfire next to it,Beating lightly,For this silent night,Bring a trace of warm light。 By the campfire,A teenager sitting on a tree trunk,By his side,The same girl sitting with her knees hugged。 Nalan flies on the other […]

Although it is still not sure if this man is from the monastery,But Mo Xiaosheng guessed that since this man has this kind of brocade,That probably has some connection with the group of people who sneaked on the border!

In other words,Find this man,You can feel good,Find the nest that covets the document organization of China Lifeline,Wipe it out! Thus,It’s also for Second Master Mo,Removed a potential threat for China! and so,Get such an important clue,How can Mo Xiaosheng not be excited! “Boss Zhen,Do you mind sending me a copy of this photo??!” Mo […]

In Han Donger’s thoughts suddenly radiating,Shen Huan started playing rhythmically。

She hasn’t heard the prelude clearly,Shen Huan sang directly。 “Will you remember tomorrow,The diary you wrote yesterday。” “Are you still worried tomorrow,You who used to cry most。” “Teachers can’t remember,You who can’t guess the problem。” “I also turned the photo by accident,I think of you at the same table。” The first few sentences,Very light,Like mumbling,The […]

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Probably that’s it! Finally bow again to thank everyone for your support。 PS:Although the pudding is rubbish!Plot without brain!Mentally retarded!Readers don’t hurt!Editor does not love!Often no words,Still love water!But I think I am a good author!Guiqi not to refute! Ok,Just sauce! Love life,Book lovers,Love you guys! Sincerely, Pudding。 ———— 143 The plaintiff is right(1/10 Subscribe,Ask […]

“Teacher Kakashi?”

“Naruto,This is not the time to think about this。” Sasuke reminded。 “Naruto.Sasuke.” Sakura standing on the side looks at the suppressed Naruto Sasuke,With a worried look in his eyes。 “hateful,Why the other party’s chakra hasn’t been consumed yet!” The dirt holding the shield complained,Although the attacks of the Blackened Instant Fire were all blocked by […]

Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Six Children should love animals,Don’t use magic spells on animals

“Sorry,Blogger,Now even you are going to die with me。” Deidara looked at the sudden appearance of the blogger and said。 “no need to say sorry,And i won’t die。” While the future blogger said,Throwing out the shuriken and piercing Deidara’s chest,Stretching out his right hand to the dying Dida,At the same time show his reincarnation eyes。 […]

“Director White,Don’t kneel,I didn’t come to your office to ask questions。”

“what,It’s not Xingshi who asked the crime,That’s good, that’s good。”Bai Qingsong finally breathed a sigh of relief,I thought I said I would fire Qin Liang,Qin Liang is now his immediate boss,I’m not here to revenge him,Bai Qingsong stood up,Standing in front of Qin Liang with a respectful look,As if he was willing。 Qin Liang doesn’t […]

“When I saw you the first two times,I do not know yet,I knew it the third time I saw it。”

I took a hard breath:“I didn’t want to involve other people at all in this matter,But the white Mercedes driven by the people belongs to Li Qiankun,Ordinary people like me can’t afford such a big man!” Bai Anni calmed down:“You know I’m Li Qiankun’s illegitimate daughter,Li Qiankun asked Lai Yumin to drive his car because […]

Hu Lai who turned and volleyed,After finishing the shot, the whole person did not continue to maintain balance,But letting the inertia of turning around lead me to the ground,But he craned his neck,Pay attention to the result of his shot。

When he saw the football roll the goal,Immediately struggling to get up from the ground,Run towards Jiaoqi District with open arms。 Then jumped high,Displayed his signature celebration! ※※※ “Hulay shot——!!!This ball has it!!Twinkle star breaks the deadlock,Lead Wuzhou Dongshan with a goal at home!Beautiful goal!Zhang Qinghuan’s beautiful,Hu Lai ran at the right time,Shot decisively!” Commentator […]

“Are you afraid that you will encounter similar situations in the future,So I want to take precautions in advance?”

Liu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes,Suddenly asked in a low voice。 “I don’t think so……” Shen Ruoxue said with a guilty conscience,Actually she really thinks so! “No need to trouble,Didn’t the two of us planned it long ago?,If we are forced to marry us one day,Let’s run away。” Liu Xiaoyun said confidently。 “It’s always good to […]