If you don’t take advantage of now,Accelerate speed to solve this problem,How can you??

so now,Cantonese,Such a thing,In fact, it is,It is already just right.。 at this time,Others see here,Then I didn’t forget to talk about my eyes.。 “If this is really this,So next,Still need to be quick。” “Is this still used?,What else is waiting for?。” “Other things,Even if you continue to tangled here now,Itself,It’s not enough to turn […]


Someone is faster than him。 When Griffin shot at the moment,I did notice the ending.。 Because he faced an overlord。 I have seen Torlan, I have been crazy about killing in the summer.! Flame! Residual。 噼噼Flaw 脆 响 不 知 从 从 从。 Griffin still doesn’t know what is going on,Just feel that the chest […]

It turned out to be on the http://www.shulekai.cn night of the fourth day,Feng Yan answered Hu Huiru’s call,She told Wang Youcai,Let Wang Youcai send her to Baishui Town the next day,She is going back to the city。

Wang Youcai listened,Exactly what he wants。Because Wu Wu called during the day and said,All Chinese and Western medicines sent from the south are in place,Doctor Lu is already on the shelves。 Can he not go if you say such a big thing?Feng Yan has this need,He can release the boat along the water,Follow along to […]

The same other big forces intensive system leaders can use countless resources,Once prepared, it is far from being able to deal with the Emperor of Lin Feng, sword.。

What’s more, Lin Feng is an emperor.,Of course, Lin Feng has improved many years.。 “Owner,Everyone everyone is very spicy,And Xian Tianjian has reached an agreement with those people,Willing to let out42%I have captured the treasure,Change to other people’s help,Directly suppress you。”Too horizontal explanation。 “Suppress me?” Lin Feng heard the words:“These people really don’t know how […]

Branch collapse authentic:“How do you appear now?, Do you know that the yellow-flowers do you know?!”

【World integration,I have received too much impact。】 “I am also very impact now.!!” http://www.mmyibao.cn 【Compensation host,Special transmission sent by the host as a part of the consultant’s information,Please accept。】 Yan Zhi only feels that the micro-light flashes in the brain,Many information: Consultant is not a name,Because of the magic world,Single name“deep”, It is the son […]


Dark night sky,A meniscus,Lonely hanging sky,Faint cold moonlight,Sprinkle the earth。 In the Warcraft Mountains,The darkness is deeper,Only a faint bonfire next to it,Beating lightly,For this silent night,Bring a trace of warm light。 By the campfire,A teenager sitting on a tree trunk,By his side,The same girl sitting with her knees hugged。 Nalan flies on the other […]

Although it is still not sure if this man is from the monastery,But Mo Xiaosheng guessed that since this man has this kind of brocade,That probably has some connection with the group of people who sneaked on the border!

In other words,Find this man,You can feel good,Find the nest that covets the document organization of China Lifeline,Wipe it out! Thus,It’s also for Second Master Mo,Removed a potential threat for China! and so,Get such an important clue,How can Mo Xiaosheng not be excited! “Boss Zhen,Do you mind sending me a copy of this photo??!” Mo […]

In Han Donger’s thoughts suddenly radiating,Shen Huan started playing rhythmically。

She hasn’t heard the prelude clearly,Shen Huan sang directly。 “Will you remember tomorrow,The diary you wrote yesterday。” “Are you still worried tomorrow,You who used to cry most。” “Teachers can’t remember,You who can’t guess the problem。” “I also turned the photo by accident,I think of you at the same table。” The first few sentences,Very light,Like mumbling,The […]

There is a leader to add more。

Probably that’s it! Finally bow again to thank everyone for your support。 PS:Although the pudding is rubbish!Plot without brain!Mentally retarded!Readers don’t hurt!Editor does not love!Often no words,Still love water!But I think I am a good author!Guiqi not to refute! Ok,Just sauce! Love life,Book lovers,Love you guys! Sincerely, Pudding。 ———— 143 The plaintiff is right(1/10 Subscribe,Ask […]

“Teacher Kakashi?”

“Naruto,This is not the time to think about this。” Sasuke reminded。 “Naruto.Sasuke.” Sakura standing on the side looks at the suppressed Naruto Sasuke,With a worried look in his eyes。 “hateful,Why the other party’s chakra hasn’t been consumed yet!” The dirt holding the shield complained,Although the attacks of the Blackened Instant Fire were all blocked by […]