Wen Jingjing can’t help but joke,Change the subject:“Momo,Are there any breakthroughs for you and my brother??”

Yan Mo shook his head,“I can say there is no progress?He is always near and far away,Hot and cold,I don’t understand.” “Momo,I am optimistic about you,He treats you differently from others。”Wen Jing made a cheering gesture,It’s an encouragement。 To him,Is it really different?Yan Mo looked at Shen Siyan outside the window,Secretly。 He seems very calm,No […]

“Oh?”Shen Huan asked smoothly,“Professor Bai’s granddaughter is about the same age as me?”

“Seems to be a few years older than you,I heard it’s a PhD student,Very powerful。”Aunt Zhu said,“I have seen her many times,That’s a pretty,But just don’t like talking。” Shen Huan smiled,Did not go to ask。 To say pretty girl,There are more people around me。 But Shen Huan knew,Their guess about Professor Bai,Should be right。 Look […]

Also exceeded1Billion dollars。

———— Chapter Four Fifty Eight I want to be a hero Fang Hao doesn’t doubt Gu Mu’s ability to pay。 He believed that as long as he agreed,Gu Mu will be able to transfer him soon10Over 100 million,Don’t even have to wait for the contract to be signed。 Just promise,Can become a real billionaire right […]

“is it,Let them in。”

Tsunade sat at the desk and said。 “Tsunade-sama。” . Listening to the report of two people,Tsunade punched the Hokage desk in front of him and said:“what?!is this real?” “Yes,According to Haruno Sakura’s words,There should be nothing wrong。” Gangzitie said。 “hateful!”Tsunade fist,Because the Hokage desk was broken just now,So Tsunade’s punch is completely empty this time,“This […]

“do not worry,They are almost shooting。”Yang Kaidao,“Director Zhang is fast in filming,Most of the actors I looked for this time were old actors,Basically nothing happened。”

Shen Huan’s head slightly。 Zhang Huawei finally gave Xu Lang the role of his old partner Ma Xing。 Ma Xing’s face is thin,Not as round as Xu’s bald head,But Ma Xing still has talent for comedy,Acting skills must be better。 The role of Gao Bo found a TV series5Fan Yuyue,This role fits very well,Fan Yuyue […]

Thought of here,She admires Guan Hao’s personality,He really understands what he should do。

At this moment,A grunting cry came from Guan Yao’s stomach,Xia Jihan couldn’t help but chuckled。Push a plate of pistachios and almonds in front of him,Said:“Hungry,Eat some dried fruits first,Hold on。” Guan Yao said while eating pistachios:“I said,Is that how your Ducheng treats guests??One stays away,A deadly pour me tea,I can’t stand the torture even if […]

And actually they have the capital to think so。

After all they have Luo Kai。 Luo Kai’s position is very back,Because Huitang Middle School is very tight,It would be difficult for him to catch the ball if he stays in front。 Although retreat,Will increase the distance between him and the goal of Huitang Middle School,But with his skill and speed,This distance is not an […]

The old director glanced at Ding,Said:“Does the family have a genetic history of twins??”

Ding Yi thought about it:“No,Mother is not,Grandma is not,I don’t know the others,Am i pregnant with twins?” The old director said:“That’s your sister-in-law’s ear problem,She wants you to conceive his brother with twins,I listened to the twins last time。” “Hahaha。” Ding Yi and Jiang Yan both laughed。 Jiang Yan thought for a while,Bent down again,Continue […]

Sun Juan secretly looked at each other:This person is Zhang Qinghuan’s agent?Looks very polite,A reasonable person,Why don’t you care about his players??Let him go to clubs and bars every day to play women……Hey,You, the agent, treat your players a bit!

Just when Sun Juan was thinking about it,Yang Hua came over from his office,Seeing Yong Jun, he took the initiative to stretch out his hand to hold him together:“Director Zhao and Manager Dong told me,You come with me,I will take you to see him。” “Ok,sorry to bother you,Doctor Yang。” “No trouble no trouble,Can help Zhang […]