The nouveau riche settled down,Forcing him to break up with Ye Wenwen,Makes him feel unhappy。Reading Net

Although after compromise, he went further in his career because of Gu Mu’s relationship,but,Think of the original thing,There is still a thorn in my heart。 Gu Mu gave him the feeling that he was a nouveau riche with money,Not decent at all。 Apart from being upset with this person,And some fear。 Seeing this message from […]

“I……”Fang Na feels something sounds wrong,But speechless。

“right now,You come over quickly!I have a way,Can help you make up for the loss to the company!”Manager Li suddenly put on a face that helped Fang Na consider。 “any solution?”Fang Na asked subconsciously。 “Joe always wants to talk to you!”Manager Li doesn’t cover up,Speak directly,“Joe said,As long as you are willing to identify Chu […]

Liu Menghui didn’t care after hearing this,Sneer,Also lowered his voice and said:“Wanjia is a fart!Isn’t it a big business family?,Do you know what this guy is from??”

The tall man couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this,Then shook his head,Don’t know。 “Let you open your eyes today,Listen well,This is the distinguished guest personally invited by Nangong Patriarch Nangong Xilian to eat at their home!I met in person that day,Young Master of Nangong Family,Nangong Yunxi personally acted as his driver!”Liu Menghui was […]

Kobe is under such defense,Single quarter9in7!7All balls are in the shot,Take down17Minute!The score has come40Minute!Three sections40Minute!

End of three quarters,Miami Heat71:82Los Angeles Lakers,The score opened further。 “Kobe’s middle distance is too accurate too。”Jim Fegan was surprised,Who was the last player to score so easily in the middle distance?? “of course,Kobe’s offense is very good。But it is also the reason why Pat Riley’s defense is not targeted enough,No one could have imagined […]

So the threats are useless,Immediately crying,Begging for mercy。

“Oh shit,Crying,Like a girl,Isn’t it life?!Die or die,What’s the big deal!” Li Changming spit on the ground fiercely,Chief Okita said,“Master Tian,Can you grab it??You give me an order,I immediately pulled the trigger!” “what!Don’t,Please,Never shoot!” Chad and the half-blood screamed in unison,Suddenly stinks under the crotch。 In front of the fear of death,No one can control […]

Qin Liang still said seriously。Actually, Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue are so fragrant,Not just because of perfume,They both wear sachets,The underwear was soaked in spiced water……Anyway, all the ways to make yourself savory,

As long as they can think of,They both used it……“Don’t you know that girls are born with deodorant??It’s just that Xiaoxuexiang and I are better,More extreme。” ———— Chapter two thousand three hundred and seventy three How is the result ? Genius remembers this site address in one second:(Apex Chinese).,Fastest update!No ads! Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t want […]

“As long as we walk to the highest place on this hillside,I should be able to see Sister Yanzi。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。 When everyone got to the top of the hillside,Sure enough, I immediately saw the top of another hillside not far away,The swallow is sitting there“See the scenery”What。 “Ha ha,Little Zhuge is really little Zhuge,Can’t help it。” Qin Liang praised Liu Xiaoyun with a hippy smile。 “Is the past?Or we all go […]

Only Chen Hao is happy,Because Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, the two little ancestors, are tantamount to saving themselves。

“Not to mention,The name Shen Ruoyun is really nice,And Ruoxi,Ruoxue’s name matches well。” After a moment of silence,Yang Shiyun said。 In fact, everyone has already said this,It’s just that Yang Shiyun was not there at that time。 “I made the name,Sister Shiyun。” Shen Ruoxue immediately showed her merit。 “Oh……” Yang Shiyun smiled bitterly and agreed,She […]

Yang Shiyun immediately took Murong Xiaoyao into her arms,This is called a liking!Seeing Qin Liang suddenly felt jealous,so envious……

“Shen Ruoxi!” He suddenly yelled,Shocked everyone! “What are you doing?What’s your nerve??” Shen Ruoxi clutched her chest,Irritating question。 “Where is my daughter?When will you give me my daughter?I’m serious!” Qin Liang asked seriously…… “This……” Shen Ruoxi is embarrassed……Embarrassed, don’t know what to say。 The other girls are all at a loss, look at me,I see […]