“Deceive too much?”

Summer smiling,Extend a finger,Point his shoulder,“How to deceive you?!” Zhang Weiye’s mouth。 Being a young man,Let him angry and wrote,More is humiliating。 But I can only sleep dark,“You played me,Be in crime。” “Ha ha。” I can’t help but laugh in summer.,It’s just that the sound is cold.。 “Now I know the law.?I will go to […]

The scorpion is so awakestable.,Ambient,I feel that the unhamined voice around me is representing anything.。

Her brain,I remembered the scene at the door of the bathroom. ,Aware of it in danger。 “Ah……”Suddenly looked at Yang Xue’s horrible,She called her horror.。 Also shocked the man sitting in a smoke to wearing a cap。 Men’s smoke,Migraine looks,The gloomy and terrible eyes fall in the beautiful little face,A pair of horror is especially […]

But looking at these,Huang Fei still gritted his teeth at this time。

“can not tell,There are two brushes。” “But the more so,The more I let you know,What do you end up offending me!” When Huang Fei is here,Talking very excitedly。 After all, look now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。 But then,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle。 And in Ye Xuan’s car,Gao Hong is already […]

Just just entered the backyard,I was blocked by the two old letters.。

Obvious,They all heard about related news。 “summer,Those outside……But really?” Mr. Li he opened the first,I can’t hurt my face and look forward to it.。 The same is true of Mingao http://www.cunqh.cn next to it.,Just more less complex。 In fact,He did not see Xia Qixiu,No one。 Summer nodded,Horn hook a smile,“True。” Two old erotizes look at […]

NS133chapter:Want to find your biological parents?

, NS133chapter:Want to find your biological parents? Surprised a flash,He bright black,Don’t have deeply fell on http://www.szkssk.cn the body of Blue Xin。 “Hao Jun,I have never seen you have taken a woman here.,This lady is who is?”Sound sweetheart,As the water beads in the morning,Gently drop the pool in the water。 Lu Haocheng looked down at […]

“Can not do it,Now the third echelon,There are still some forces that have not been resolved。”

“but now,Now that I have encountered,Then next,In fact, there is nothing to say。” slowly,As Wang Teng looked at him a little bit。 The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,Deep inside the whole person,The more you look at the countdown, the more you understand it。 Just here,Such a http://www.dfoexpress.cn problem,Don’t talk about it for […]

The nouveau riche settled down,Forcing him to break up with Ye Wenwen,Makes him feel unhappy。Reading Net

Although after compromise, he went further in his career because of Gu Mu’s relationship,but,Think of the original thing,There is still a thorn in my heart。 Gu Mu gave him the feeling that he was a nouveau riche with money,Not decent at all。 Apart from being upset with this person,And some fear。 Seeing this message from […]

“I……”Fang Na feels something sounds wrong,But speechless。

“right now,You come over quickly!I have a way,Can help you make up for the loss to the company!”Manager Li suddenly put on a face that helped Fang Na consider。 “any solution?”Fang Na asked subconsciously。 “Joe always wants to talk to you!”Manager Li doesn’t cover up,Speak directly,“Joe said,As long as you are willing to identify Chu […]

Liu Menghui didn’t care after hearing this,Sneer,Also lowered his voice and said:“Wanjia is a fart!Isn’t it a big business family?,Do you know what this guy is from??”

The tall man couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this,Then shook his head,Don’t know。 “Let you open your eyes today,Listen well,This is the distinguished guest personally invited by Nangong Patriarch Nangong Xilian to eat at their home!I met in person that day,Young Master of Nangong Family,Nangong Yunxi personally acted as his driver!”Liu Menghui was […]