What’s wrong with Cavan again,I’m really hard,Who can understand me!</p>

First340chapter Sent away Haiqing and Lu Han,Su Luo and others returned to the mushroom house,Not long after,We welcomed a new guest。</p> Li Chengjun,Popular traffic students in the circle。Compared to Su Luo,Li Sungjun’s name is obviously louder。</p> Since debut,Be criticized,But have been working hard,Not everyone is like Su Luo,A bit of an open life。</p> Close to […]


Wang Xing was so angry that the veins came out,Don’t talk to Shui Qianyu。 Otherwise,He still fetched water and rain? I just teased Shen Huan’s two teachers,I have some scalp tingling after seeing this,Hurry up decision,Can’t talk anymore。 “Shen Huan,You are waiting here!When I have to fulfill my promise later,Hope you look like a man!”Wang […]

Treat friends,I can’t pay attention to what I can get。

People who usually think like this,Nothing good。 “Ok!” Shen Huan nodded,“Come over with Kobe,Call me two days in advance,I’m ready。” Hesitated,Shen Huan said again:“Alan you already40Years old,Then drink more4day,Total20God!This should work。” “Good good!”Iverson laughed from ear to ear。 “Hello,Shen Huan,Why does he drink20Heavenly?”Kobe is angry,“I,Kobe!But to fightNBAPeople,So strong,Those people start so dark,I only drink16Heavenly,Can you […]

Luo Xiaohu also greeted him with a smile on his face:“Haven’t seen each other for a long time,Your sweaty head,Are you tired of walking up with your suitcase??Damn,Why don’t you scream,We can all go down and help you carry things!”

———— Chapter 2000 Ha ha ha Heard two people talking passionately,Sheng Tiange is angry:“I speak so loudly,Can’t you hear?The walls of this yard are not soundproof walls。” But this matter is not easy to lose your temper,Hearty smile:“How can such a small matter trouble you?Not multiple things,I can mention it myself。” He took the suitcase […]

Because I want to hunt for treasure in Japan,So Shen Huan has done homework in China these days,I checked a lot of information online during my stay in Japan。

So he knew it right away,This is《Shiqu Baoji》Inside the collection,The national treasure that disappeared after being taken out of the palace by Pu Yi——《Five Horses》!! 《Five Horses》Is known as“Song Dynasty No. 1”By Li Gonglin,This and Su Shi、Wang Anshi、Huang Tingjian、The great masters of painting circles in the era of Qin Guan and others,All works left in […]

And therefore until today,She couldn’t help Hu Lai。

I don’t know if it’s because my father played away in the third round of qualifiers.2:1Because of the dissatisfaction of the team’s performance in beating the opponent,That’s why I’m so irritable。 Dongchuan Middle School did not play well in that game,May be the first game5:0,Second game3:0After defeating the opponent, everyone was a little proud and […]

Everyone has put the wine glass to their lips and is ready,Waiting intently for Jiang Fan to cry,Don’t know,He didn’t say after one or two“Start drinking”,But“Braise”。

This is terrible,Hand fast,Halfway through the wine,The unhappy ones have already raised the cup,Drunk and undrinked,All laughed to varying degrees,The wine in my mouth is sprayed everywhere,Two big table people,The common performance is turning back one after another,Coughing around。 To know,The spicy wine that choked in my throat,Not water,Even water can’t stand it。 Peng Changyi […]

“It’s okay,I’m thinking about something,Distracted,I didn’t stare at you on purpose。”

Qin Liang hurriedly explained with a guilty conscience,And then looked away,Although he really wants to tease Liu Xiaoyun,But the occasion is wrong,He doesn’t have the guts to be in front of everyone,Molesting Liu Xiaoyun in full view…… “I have to sit down and rest for a while。” Chen Hao said to himself suddenly,And then ran […]

“Just talk about Liu Xiaoyun,What’s my business!”

Shen Ruoxue said nonchalantly,The other girls are afraid of Qin Liang,She’s not afraid。 “Less nonsense!You too!”Qin Liang continued to play the big tail wolf。The majesty of being a brother-in-law is always necessary,Moreover,Fertilizer does not flow out of the field,So sweet scene,Only he can see,Outsiders can never see!We can’t just send out benefits everywhere.。 Ps:Book friends,I […]

Shen Ruoxi struggled stubbornly for a while,Didn’t play any role,I had to sigh softly,Reluctantly gave up resistance。

In fact, her worry is really unnecessary,The two were intimate for more than an hour,No one appeared in the corridor,It’s as if everyone had an appointment together,As if to give them a chance to meet…… “I’m going to sleep,I’m going to see Yang Shiyun tomorrow。” Shen Ruoxi found an excuse to run away,no way,Get tired […]