This team is definitely not weak,They have superstar Penny Hardaway in their lineup,When single-core leader20+6+4Top shooting guard Nick Anderson,Last season still scored an average17.5+3.8+3.0Small forward Dennis-Scott,Bulls’ first three consecutive titles, three-headed cobra Horse Grant,Get it from the Warriors,Season average17.3+9.5Lebanese center Ronnie replacing O’Neal-Secali。

Such a set of starting,Even enough to compete in the top four in the East。But they always hover in the east7To10。Such a record leaves the management face dull,Finally forced Hardaway to come back early due to injury,Leading to the beginning of next season,Hardaway’s athletic ability dropped a notch,Fall from the superstar rank,And eventually became a […]

76The team chooses to time out,Kobe’s blocked shots and Eddie Jones’ quick drop gave the team an even worse blow。

The score is behind10separated,56:46。 “Jerry!Kobe defends you, so don’t attack!Focus on defense!Allen offense!”Johnny-Davis growls,Kobe’s attack and defense against Starks directly paralyzed the team。 “but,Coach me.”Jerry Stackhouse not reconciled,But he thought of Kobe’s cover,Can’t help but feel a little bit afraid。 Then let Allen fight。 This is the first time Jerry Stackhouse is willing to give […]

And even if you know,Not necessarily safe。

It’s like my supervisor,I have worked with him for more than three years,But last,Isn’t he still going to shoot himself? “Ok,Then you pay attention to safety。” “I know,But about my resignation,I’ll go back to the company and resign later,No need for your help。” “Row,Then you can resign yourself。” Lin Yu finished saying this,So I continued […]

See here,Chen Lan couldn’t help but smile,It’s troublesome。

Lin Dong has recognized,This Mo Xiaoxiao,Is the one at the door just now,But Mo Xiaoxiao is looking at Lin Dong。 Like Chen Lan,She was also unexpected。 “Mr Lin,Please sit down。”Chen Lan said with a smile,Finished,Reached out and pulled Mo Xiaoxiao to sit down。 Lin Dong smiled and nodded again,Sat down。 Three seated,Chen Lan smiled at […]

But the chef doesn’t know how to adjust it,It can neutralize most of the garlic flavor,It’s really breathtaking!

The younger generations of children are watching Granny Ke eagerly,Waiting for Granny Ke’s conclusion。 Actually they don’t have to wait anymore,Because of Granny Ke’s enjoyment with closed eyes,Already told them,How delicious is this plate of cucumbers?。 Only Elder Ke didn’t care about these,He tasted all eight dishes one by one。 “good to eat!”at this time,Granny […]

He knows that Ling Mofeng has no real skills,It’s just a fighting bastard,So I’ve been playing with ease,He really doesn’t want to break him,Because anyway,After all, Shen Ruoxi provoked him first。

The guest that Ling Mofeng just spent the night before,If you beat him to death today,Morally a little bit unreasonable,So Qin Liang just wanted to show him something,Just let him retreat。 Ling Mofeng barely parried a few times,Can’t resist,Was beaten by Qin Liang,Can’t even stand,Where can I continue to fight back?,Qin Liang is not a […]

Wang Linlin asked timidly,In fact, she really wants to see Shen Ruoxue and others“Martial arts”What is it like。

“go together,How boring you are to be alone。” Shen Ruoxue replied,She is already unable to protect herself,But I still want to care about my good friend。 When Daochang Bai walked through the living room downstairs,,Qin Liang who is also chatting downstairs,Shen Ruoxi and the others also hurriedly stood up,Respectfully greeted Daochang Baek,But Daochang Bai just […]

Peng Changyi Le,Said:“I find,Come to you,It does need some psychological preparation。”

Chen Le smiled,Said:“yesterday,A person from Qiaoqu Township,This person has a nickname called anti-aircraft gun,From the township police station,Because he was dissatisfied with compensation for land acquisition,Collided with the township government,Was sent in by the township police station,I heard,What’s the crime of running into the township government?,How can it be sent to the detention center?Even if […]

Push the door in,It was still the head of the logistics department that he hated came out to greet him。

“Is Zhao Lu there??” Qin Liang is too lazy to talk nonsense with him,Straightforward question。 “upstairs。” This person in charge also knows that Qin Liang is not willing to talk to himself,So I dare not say anything else。 “okay,work on your businesses。” Qin Liang set his hand,Sent him away,I went straight upstairs。 Still the same […]

“I feel you two have a secret!”

Yanzi said jokingly,But her words,But both Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun were taken aback! “You think too much,My baby apprentice,Master doesn’t have any secrets,But now the master wants to have a little secret with you,Haha……” Qin Liang laughed deliberately and nonchalantly,Yang Shiyun was too scared to say a word。 “Screw you!I won’t have a secret […]