Pacers can’t win!

Pacers can never win! But the fact is before their eyes,There is not enough time left in the fourth quarter3minute,But at this time the difference between the two teams has come to double digits! 92ratio103! Cavaliers first,Walker behind! Pacers lead Cavaliers11Minute! 3Minutes,Points difference11Minute.This backwardness is definitely not small! On the bench,The Cavaliers are silent,No one […]

After they enter the ward,Qiao Yiyi quickly called the most experienced female nurse from the nurse desk,Give the antiviral serum to the female nurse,Let her give Luo Yilin an injection。

After the nurse finishes the injection,Qiao Yiyi walked out in a hurry,Vibrato:“Why is there no response??” “Don’t worry,Just injected,Won’t work right away,Wait at least ten minutes!” Anina glanced at the time,Said,“If it works after ten minutes,Just another injection!” Mo Xiaosheng walked to the window of the isolation ward with a solemn expression,Looking at the pale […]

Fang Runde shook his head,Smiled:“No need to,Small scene,Adona can handle,Besides, he has that bastard stuff from the Qi family to help。”

When Qi Kang stepped forward to hold Cao Junhui,Fang Runde recognized it。 Mainly because Qi Kang is so easy to recognize! (In this chapter I said there is no water,Do you believe?) ———— 033chapter:So young Lin Dong naturally knows who Cao Junhui is。 The original owner can say that this person has a deep resentment。 […]

“You go back to the bedroom,I’m going to find Yu Xin。”One thought ends here,Wang Yufei said something to Lu Jia。

“Isn’t it possible that my performance today can’t go to a meal??”Lu Jiawei said aggrievedly。 “Are you sure to be together?” “determine!It would be better if you let your girlfriend take her roommate。” “That line,You do it!” …… Failed to fulfill Lu Jia’s wish,Lu Yuxin went to the appointment alone。 Lu Yuxin’s explanation is,The family […]

Warriors players quickly stopped Bowen,Bowen pretended to struggle twice and was stopped。

“Damn,My ankle is broken!”Sprewell yelled。 “FAK,Obviously your stepping!You pig,I’m going to kill you。”Bowen pretending to be angry。 After the referee controlled the scene,Hurry up and watch the video replay,They think Sprewell was deliberately stepping on,And Kobe responds consciously in stressful situations。 At the same time both players are injured,Referee’s comprehensive consideration,Decided to give Sprewell a […]

Yuze doesn’t care about his surname,but,This is a joke,Was it my mother who was talking about it, or my dear who was talking about it??Yuze looked a little bit cold looking at his relatives,This is not a place to talk,Didn’t say any more。

after that,The police sent the appraisal results。 Looking at the policeman with a hesitant look,Baby Ou has a bad feeling in her heart。 “This one,The little girl and Mr. Yu are not a father-daughter relationship.” “.”Baby Ou tilted his head,It’s not a father-daughter relationship. Why do you look like this? “but,Related.”According to the percentage of […]

This is a typical mantis catching cicada,Cardinals behind the game!

Qin Liang and others strolled leisurely on the way back to the hotel,The girls are talking and laughing,No one noticed that the swallow was gone…… “Niuniu,Come here。” Qin Liang suddenly smiled and called Yang Shiyun。 “What are you doing?” Yang Shiyun walked to Qin Liang’s side,But deliberately kept two steps away from him,Shen Ruoxi is […]

Peng Changyi is asleep,Until I was woken up by the ringing of the phone,He is excited,Open your eyes,Pull out the phone from under the pillow,turn on,Just fed,Just listen to Chen Le said in it:“director,I am Xiaole,Where are you?”

Peng Changyi thought there was something unexpected,Chen Le,He closed his eyes,Said:“Xiaole,I am home。” Chen Le said:“Are you going out again tonight,Did i wake you up?” “Nothing,You speak。” “I’m going to see you at home。” Without waiting for Peng Changyi to speak,Chen Le hung up。 Peng Changyi feels something might happen,Just looked around,Shen Fang is gone […]

Yang Shiyun said something smoothly。

“I have seen a lot,But I have never seen such a good figure!”Qin Liang smiled maliciously and said,At the same time secretly thinking;“It happened that this girl let me be her stand-in boyfriend,I have to find a chance to get some interest back,Enjoy it……Hehe。” Qin Liang was so beautiful that a drop of saliva came […]

Wei Keqin“Hehe”Smiled,Said:“This one……talk about it later,I am the secretary of the county party committee of a poor county,Is tantamount to being a poor man,Go to the rich man’s house,Tell people how to get rich,Isn’t this a joke?Mayor Peng,You leave me some dignity,The person in charge of the project, don’t let me do it,It’s better to be led by city leaders。”

Peng Changyi said:“Let’s discuss this later,I was also on a whim,Moreover,I only have the right to suggest,No personnel decision-making power,The decision-making power of personnel is in the municipal party committee。You have already thought about this project,In addition, you got the true biography of Secretary Jiang earlier than others,You,Hurry up,Come up with a comprehensive and constructive […]