cise, eat itself is relatively pain, Pei grandmother after all on the point of age, also could not , reluctant to make a great effort, he does not feel pain, can perhaps be left over from the original body of mischief mood, as whip Pei grandmother, hearts strong sense of intractable pain and北京体验网 a lot of guilt Dodge.

  ”Do you know how old I am your mother yet?I now have some 50 of!I’m still working, I owe you this life is a right?Offer to get anything?People say let go, he said, can not make money in this world so many people, the less you a right?”Pei Grandma voice was dumb,” You see, to […]

olition, as long as the pregnancy the effort, you will find the site to move bricks, cement move, how much can earn money, sure enough, the other did not lie to him, he soon found such a site, which but the big project, capable of a year or so, the site where well-paid, further food wrap packages to eat, although very hard, good people can foreman, Which should really difficult, but also ahead of an advance money, the site there was no shortage of live years with the foreman who, they say, and contractors very tricky, never ignorant of any money, the original body will also beaming at ease and went at it, just waiting for the end of the project got money home.

  Dream is beautiful, the reality is skinny, the project, he did more than a full year, un广州桑拿网til the knot money, says top boss foreman ran away, he was not a penny to the workers a uproar, but also engage in what the pay talks petition, no money is money, even if workers in some even […]

closed doors.

  Shen Xiao bow took out a pack of cigarettes, taking on one point, the line of sight that still remain in the data.   It is clearly written Shen Yu, from primary school to some of the college experience南宁桑拿, her performance has been among the best, due to be withdrawn, almost no friends.   Du assistant did […]


  ”come in.”Pei Grandma voices are dumb, can look stiff face, eyes away from Pei Naochun the moment there is no body,” also stood to do, is to let people see it?”   ”it is good.”Pei Naochun nodded, walked in, the door handle being held in杭州桑拿 my hand Pei Yifei, who is close to the child,” a […]