Ruan Jiahao certainly disdains Shen Huan’s old path。

He already had some questions about the three copybooks,Now that it’s the first one,Then he can definitely tell these doubts。 Talking,He holds a copy of his copybook,I walked to Dong Qichang’s copybook,Ask a waitress to expand。 “Everyone take a look at these two copybooks,Is there any difference?”Ruan Jiahao asked the nearby audience。 “Don’t understand!” A […]

no way,Too famous。

To some extent,Now Xu Xuan’s reputation even overshadowed those American team players。 Freshly bakedNBAChampionship andFMVP,Who can compare this honor? . Local four o’clock in the afternoon,The game officially started。 There are two games today,The Chinese team played Lithuania only the first game。 Two teams sent out the starting。 seriously,This group of Lithuanian team,Xu Xuan is […]

Although the good master is always unreliable,But I can’t do anything to deduct rewards。

Then the only reason,It’s probably this upgraded version of Yingyue Cream,Its value is equivalent to the usual four rewards。 Only that makes sense。 but,I still don’t understand why there is still a mysterious ingredient in it that can’t be obtained.? This is too bad? Shen Huan is in depression,But there was another reminder in my […]

Oshemaru’s shuriken was bent by the Hulk of the instant fire,Looking at the shuriken that has been bent in my hand,Oshemaru was silent for a while。

Sure enough, there is no absolutely straight thing in this world,Just tough enough,Anything can bend。 Not only a great scientist,Osha Maru, who is also a great philosopher, has realized a strange philosophy of life from it。 . “Sasuke,How did you come。”See Sasuke coming,Xianglin quickly put down his own research,Surprised。 Although Sasuke is married,But this does […]

“This……This……”Zheng Fan is embarrassed,I don’t know what to do for a while,I haven’t spoken yet,Mo Xiaosheng blocked the conversation。

“Uncle Zheng,I think you shouldn’t be embarrassed by Mo Xiaosheng。”Yang Xu Fuhe Road,For the uncle Wei Xue,He has met a few times。Nevertheless,He didn’t mean to help Zheng Fan speak。After all, the behavior of Nangong Yunxi was too much。 “Uncle?Why are you here?” Suddenly a clear voice came from behind Zheng Fan,Then a beautiful figure jumped […]

Two people turned into a ground gourd at the same time。

The scene is chaotic。 Fall down at the same time。 Xu Xuan did not lose,But he earned。 The old man was shaking when he got up。 Xu Xuan didn’t use any tricks,This is a normal physical contact,But the old man’s physical fitness is really at the limit。 In this situation,Every physical contact,The damage to the […]

So the four little girls sat next to the creek again……

“It seems that the show is over,No show。” Qiangzi whispered to Qin Liang。 “You haven’t seen enough?” Qin Liang smiled and asked。 “Such a wonderful performance,How can I see enough?Not long enough。” Hadron’s deliberately exaggerated answer。 “That line,I’ll tell those little girls what you said in a while,Then let them act for you again。” Qin […]

Qin Liang forced a joke。

“nonsense!” Song Min replied with disdain…… Qin Liang shortly after they left,The funeral home car came to the scene where the two bodies were found,Those two corpses who don’t know how many years spent underground,Was finally lifted out of the tunnel“Install”Got in the car,But their destination is not a funeral home,But the forensic department of […]

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———— Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two Love yourself ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! Love yourself Qin Liang used his righteous words again,High-sounding excuses,Put yourself upright in taking advantage of Yang Shiyun,Straightforward,Anyone who disagrees with suddenness will fight desperately。 According to Yang Shiyun,Randomly […]

“The boss of Qiming Investment Company!”

I heard Song Hyea。 Ye Tianzong was struck by lightning。 Not panic,Not afraid。 But…… happy? Very complicated emotions。 because。 If he remembers correctly,That Xu Huizhong,He was the accountant of Hou Fangfang I met in the neuropathy。 As long as Hou Fangfang keeps going crazy,He can know that the property is happy,So as to achieve his […]