“you……sister……of,Don’t play a brother!”

Lin Feng can see that the tail of the golden big tack is slowly drawing out a few words in the bottom of the lake.。 “wipe,They run where people run?Do you have assuring these days??”Lin Feng wrote a word。 “have,But it was shocked。”Golden big snake draws a few words。 “All right,Not pulling with you,What needs […]

竹 便 不 不 方 方 位置 位置 位置 位置 位置。

http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn after awhile,She found Xiao Joi and the origin of the southeast,Ambush。 枝 边,Pay attention to the distance of traps and Xiao,I found that I am now the most close to Xiao Jie.,And Xiao Ji is sometimes facing her back.,Not much preparation,I plan to give Xiao Yu to the trap.。 Trap is near。 Xiao Yao […]

“You can sleep at ease,Just don’t get nervous。”Teenager nodded,He listens too much to this kind of stiff talk,Don’t care,But suddenly I remembered something,“but,If i want to chat with you?”

“No chat,Don’t wake me up,I woke up naturally when I woke up,If you dare to violate this rule,I killed everyone around you!” The look of the big eyeball suddenly became extremely cold,The kind of murderous intent that emerges all over,It’s definitely not just a crazy talk。 Teenagers are not afraid,“still have a question,I have two […]

Mu Zihao does not believe,But I also look forward to watching Blue Xin.,“Blue,How do I feel that you are comforting me?。”

Blue Xin is a little funny.,Look at the eyes expected in his eye,This is the first favorite feeling,It is indeed very excited and look forward to。 “I am comforting you.,I want to set up you.,Unfortunately, it is not a joke now.。” “Hey-hey”Mu Ziyu is finally laughed.,Looking at Le Yu happy laugh:“Gather,Did you hear it? Blue […]

She is stupid,I have never seen this。

“Don’t stop him。”Stone heart。 “this is。”She feels touched 10,000 walls today.,Hard students have turned back to this mouth.。 The last step is falling,Bamboo knife is http://www.xingdajiaju.cn confident is your victory。 ——Ready to accept failure,stranger! However, on the other side,His chess is raised in half air,It seems to jump from the highest place in the universe.。 […]

Sometimes Shen Huan still feels,If two hostesses are the servants at home,,I can enjoy myself。

Ji Yinmei can cook some food by herself,Wang really doesn’t understand anything。 Last year,Shen Huan knew。 So even if Shen Huan is eating a nutritious meal,He will also cook for Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya。 Especially Zhang Yaya,I like to eat Shen Huan’s food,She is young,Shen Huan will naturally follow her。 When Ji Yinmei just […]

But after sensing the location,I almost got angry,Hurry up and catch up,Unfortunately it’s too late。

“Mother,We had a miserable life!” “That ugly man will never raise a child,You see, San’er has become skinny from hungry。” “I’m going out hunting at the age of seven,Finally made some money,But he will take it out。” “Mother,What can we do,He must have taken a fancy to Lincun Big Flower!” “Want to take the money […]

“To honor the host,The system specially rewards the host for professional Thai、Burmese、Japanese、Four basic skills of Korean。”

In Shen Huan’s mind,A lot of words and languages appeared quickly。 Good master, this is worthy of praise。 Do business as soon as you get the money,Not messy at all。 Too late to care,Shen Huan saw the injured Sositu,Struggling to get up,But it’s not easy to move。 “Big brother!” “Brother, don’t fight them anymore!” “Give […]

Because Zhang Yaya is Shen Huan’s friend,Close friends。

The reason why Yongxing Supermarket can be reborn,It’s all because of following Shen Huan’s plan。 to this end,Zhang Duocai2%Shares of,Give willingly。 Even now2%Has reached almost6Billion yuan worth,Zhang Duocai is not too much at all。 So Zhang Duocai respects Shen Huan,Some words are not easy to say。 under these circumstances,Let Zhang Yaya ask is the best […]

“If i run,what would you do?”Watching Meng still,Zhao Ming is a little funny。

“I don’t care。It’s not me who killed them after all,They won’t embarrass me。”Meng still looks at Zhao Ming,A look of determination flashed in my eyes。 Watching Meng still,Zhao Ming feels a little warm。 She deserves to be the woman he values,If it’s an ordinary woman,If you see him killing someone in the Great Arena,I’m scared […]