Before the sword,First come,Jue Wushen felt the pain of a sharp stabbing at the point of the Wuming sword。

Sword gasification,The cyan sword gang arrives in a flash。 Absolutely no god has been desperate,Eyes closed in despair。 “Hahaha,Absolutely no god, this seat is guaranteed”I don’t know when I was middle-aged,energetic,Standing in front of no god,Blocked the nameless sword light。 “It’s you?”Anonymous。 “It is the god”Middle-aged man said。 “No god is your man?I should have […]

“Sorry,I don’t have enough love,Did not protect you……”Turn to,Turn,Based on the impression of coming to her house last time,He drove the car to the road to the west of the city full of tall white poplars。

He gave high beam,Yes,This is the way,This road is the only family courtyard leading to the rows of old-fashioned conjoined buildings in the west of the city,Not long,Less than a kilometer,Just hit the accelerator。 Ding Yi said after listening to him:“do not talk like that,I feel distressed……” “it is good,Do not say……” “Maybe I want […]

Baby Ou’s heart suddenly felt tight。

Zhang Xiaojiang glanced at An Shicheng,so,Already violated。An Shicheng didn’t look at him,Still looking at Baby Ou,“What else do you know,It’s better to say it now。We can always find a way to help you。in case,What is really going on,After it happens,There is nothing we can do.” After handing over the fake gems,Baby Ou hasn’t spoken yet。And […]

this project,He had noticed as early as when he was on the side of Jiang Fan。Later he was transferred to the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region,More opportunities to penetrate the enterprise,Understanding the prospects of the dairy industry。At that time he wanted to bring this project to the interior,When his head turned back,He bid farewell to the boss of Inner Mongolia Dairy Products,It is the first time to express the idea of introducing their brand inland,It just so happens that the boss of this dairy company also has the idea of expanding the dairy company’s division to around Beijing,After Jiang Fan came back,I have been in contact with this company,Jiang Fan came to Langzhu as acting mayor,Invite them formally,Invite them to investigate。

Dairy production and processing enterprises have strict requirements on the surrounding environment,After inspecting the surrounding environment of Langzhu Development Zone,Fancy the edge of the development zone,The so-called border zone is half in the development zone,Half outside the development zone。Through planning,Jiang Fan decided on infrastructure construction in two steps,The first phase of the project is placed […]

At this moment,The branch secretary’s family came on a bicycle,She brought ten golden cornmeal dumplings with a cloth bag,Said it was just out of the pot。

The party secretary said:“All right,Let’s wait to eat,Leave everything to her。Come,Xiaoding,Sit down and rest,Zou Zijie is really ignorant,Standing in the field with reporter Ding for so long,Look at her。” Zou Zijie looked at Ding Yi,Said with a smile:“Your face will peel tomorrow。” Ding Yi’s eyes widened,Said:“Really?” “Ok,Go back and buy some burn cream to put […]

Peng Changyi said:“I said why there is a smell of roasted peanuts,Someone was stealing peanuts。”

Several children were shocked,I met my lord,Just a little timid。 But Peng Changyi said:“You are not burning like this,I teach you,Peanuts,Buried in fire,It will be cooked in a while。” The children didn’t expect that not only did he not blame them for stealing peanuts,And teach them how to bake,Just grinning,Said:“where are you from?” Peng Changyi […]

NBA New Season Christmas War jersey exposure solid color version of the font is very similar to last year

NBA New Season Christmas War jersey exposure solid color version of the font is very similar to last year According to CBS reports, the jerseys for the new season Christmas Warfare have been announced. The Christmas jerseys for the new season will follow the styles and styles of last year, but the color and chest […]

The National Football Top 40 will play Guam, tickets will be sold up to 500 yuan tomorrow

The National Football Top 40 will play Guam, tickets will be sold up to 500 yuan tomorrow The Chinese men’s football team ushered in the second round of the World Top 40 in Guangzhou on October 10, against Guam.Ticketing for this game is about to start at 10 am tomorrow, and the maximum fare is […]