Obsessed for a while,Cromwell Saint Magister exclaimed:“This should be a cultivation secret room opened by a strong man,Connected space turbulence,Our sensitivity to the elements is ten times stronger!”

“as far as I know,Countless status faces,Is actually in the turbulence of space,Such as the Magnolia Continental Plane,As long as one direction reaches the end……You can see the turbulence of space。” “The four supreme gods in the legend,Has opened up the four highest planes。The seven upper master gods,Also opened up the seven god planes。”Cromwell laughed,“Maybe […]

Looking at an unbelievable look。

Zhang Fan this expression……Will n’t really check the cancer?。 “Mr. Xia has left。”Sun Youde said with a mercy。 “Leave?Go,Where have you been??” “Don’t know。” Thud! Zhang Fan is squatting in front of Sun Yid,Crawn his legs,“Grandchildren,Thousands of mistakes are my fault.,I should not target Mr. http://www.shhongxiang.cn Xia,Shouldn’t question him,I beg you, can you let him […]

The ward is very neat,There is no local place。

The window is also locked,Not heard of moving distraction。 Um? Suddenly。 Summer eyes,Looking down to the right。 I saw it on the bedside table.,Put a new phone。 Summer walks,Pick up your phone,Looked down,But there is only one number in the mobile phone.。 “Oh。” He is clear,Dial the number above。 Doodle……Doodle…… Sound from the handset。 Not […]

Staring at a place for a long time without moving,Sudden eye angle sweep

Um?That is something?It seems to be a bit more familiar.!Are you seeing?? I think so I can’t think of results.,Niu Niu twisted his head directly,Ready to see a clear。Just right with two small black beans,Reflected light in the http://www.epkn.cn day。 “grandfather!There is a snake snake?!” Niu Niu’s voice has a slight trembling,But the volume is […]

“Oy,How do I take you this sweepstore??”

Golden Week turned and looked at Lu Haozheng。 Tonight, this is a satisfactory thing.,Let him have enough reason to abandon the yellow face。 He smiles,Desperately,Whispering:“Continental,Things of lading lady tonight and there are no relationships with me.,It’s all my own idea.,Don’t put the fire on the Yellow Over,Everything is the responsibility of this yellow woman。” Lin […]

“Teacher!I want a car!”

“Ritual!You think about it.!They can be old fritters,In particular, today’s gamble may be allowed out of thousands,Do you think you??”Zhang Xiaolin’s goodwill reminder, “Teacher!I want to try!” “Do you agree??” “I will not control my master is!” “Since this,What is your gambling??” “Rongchang marina and four Western-style French Concession!” “You quite Boyd!” “Just won!” “Oh!?I […]

This will bring a lot of employment opportunities to the local area,It can also create taxes for the local area,Drive economic development。

But it has been resisted by local villagers,No way to produce,Then it can only be closed。 Before closing,There is a pungent smell in a large area。 It’s not as strong now。 Half a year passed,Although the environment here cannot be said to be green mountains and green waters,But at least it’s normal。 Cement roads were […]

“No moments”In a barrier,Random,No rule of power in the world can be bound,This is the realm of the master alone。

No moment and no distance both sound the same,But the power used is completely different。No distance is similar to space,Close to the horizon,In a flash,Moments is the domain,Random,I am at ease。Where you are,Repel any force,Similar to Haotian’s Kingdom of God。 Without moments,Thunder was blocked three meters away from the Master。 A flash of thunder,Master and […]

Since it’s not true,That must be fake。

Think of this one,Ridiculed immediately:“Good you Lin Yu,To make my sister happy。 Bought a fake one,Iron necklace with glass for my sister,I really didn’t think of it!” Chapter 15 Can’t Identify Diamonds “is it? Then your vision is really bad,I can’t even tell the authenticity of a diamond!” Good one to frame me,Even the real […]

The legendary steel straight man?

“Dynasty?”Xu Xuan couldn’t help but ask。 “Yes,Dynasty!”Durant’s voice came over,sound,He seems to have planned for a long time。 “I thought about it,This round of finals,No matter who you lose,I will stand firm on that team,Even if it’s a salary cut,I will also join!”Durant said。 His voice is very firm:“Thunder told me,They are not going to […]