But also……She found me.。

Right,She just said that I have an agreement with your master.。” Her eyes are bright,“So to say,Your dead ghost master http://www.jsdongshang.cn knows her identity?” The good sound is not good, and the eyes are over.,“Rusher,I am still in front,You say that my master is not good.。” Say,What did she think of?,Suddenly,“Right,My master let me tell […]

certainly,General tour,It can’t enter the Dharmair,智 智 是 禅 空 空 闻、Air、Wise,This is coming to the ridiculous repair。

Originally he wants to come to Shaolin,But the initial one of his thoughts is,Come to Shaolin——Technical pressure Shaolin! However, on the way,He got a young man…… At first he saw the young man,my own“Luohan body”Faint resonance,Also is a small man of Shaolin,on the way“ambush”Own。 So active forward with the other party…… After all, I will […]

I immediately passed the song immediately.。

This is a village folk song,Singer’s sound quality is beautiful,It is like a scorpio。 But when I sang halfway,Accompaniment,Suddenly, the continuous reflection sound……This is also a kind of accompaniment。 However, when I heard this sound,Alice’s eyes were suddenly awkward。 Next second,Eye light flashes。 This look,Just like a snoring,Sladad wake up。 “call。” Alice is deeply spit […]

Such young, you can hurt your expectations.?

When everyone is odd, how is it?,See the five people who have just come out,The respective young people who dismissed them were in the late generation.,Actually gone。 Let everyone tongue,He old monster actually。 I have to know that the old monsters have lived for five hundred years.,nowadays,I can let him call a few people in […]

He didn’t expect Gerard to rebumer himself with this harsh.,For the first time for him。

“Me,I have been assisting Clark to build a branch in these days.,But,But just tonight,The group suddenly http://www.jxh08.cn opened the weird vehicle into the North Barburge,And the Angel Organization launched a war……Dead,Have a lot of people……”Fear,Griffin low,Two eye beads romance。 “And I……I was in the North Bar City at the time.,Those devils regard me as an […]

Chen Xiaojie nodded,Before two steps,Put your hand on the table。

A little thick,But if it is a small money,Be saver too little。 “Small http://www.zyxwq.cnheart is not tribute,Ask Mr. Liao not to resign。” Gaojin smile,Liao Wenjie first saved him unbelief,And then point in the prostitute,Finally, helpjaConstant。returning a Favour many times more,What way he doesn’t think of it?,Just take the most precious thing.。 See the high-spirited lighter,Liao […]

God walks in the world。

Violent goal! This ball for any other team,Even the Lakers in the regular season,Are enough to make them crash。 But the Lakers who have experienced six games in the Finals,Didn’t even call a timeout,And went on to the next attack。 “Kid,You can’t prevent me!I can’t prevent me from anything!”Jordan’s eyes are bloodshot,Like the eyes of […]

“You are now making the company in a mess。”

“Wait for Lin Shao to come back,How do you let me explain。” Zhao Long,Look at this one,Cold road。 because,I am also a member of the Lin family。 other side,Not eligible to fire myself。 As for the people of the company,The other party is really eligible to be expelled。 just,Words of Zhao Long,Behind this person’s ear。 […]

It’s not a vegetable。

After Fang Hao understood some problems,,I remembered what the divine voice I heard in the coma promised,Ask his parents:“My face now,Is there any change?” For him,Is a very important thing。 If you endure this pain,You can exchange for a very high value,Don’t be doomed to be alone for life,It’s worth it。 It’s okay if he […]

Feihu whispered:Let him take a break!

———— First25Section After a period of study,We have entered the assessment stage! The first assessment content,Is codenamed“Wandering jungle”Detective assessment。 Flying Tiger on the lawn of the training camp,Sent our combat equipment:compass、Mountain knife、Writing paper、pencil。Plus our own equipment:Backpack、Nine-Five Automatic Rifle、Helmet、Scout Dagger。 Feihu said:This is an assessment of your study for more than 20 days,Ask you to within […]