God walks in the world。

Violent goal! This ball for any other team,Even the Lakers in the regular season,Are enough to make them crash。 But the Lakers who have experienced six games in the Finals,Didn’t even call a timeout,And went on to the next attack。 “Kid,You can’t prevent me!I can’t prevent me from anything!”Jordan’s eyes are bloodshot,Like the eyes of […]

“You are now making the company in a mess。”

“Wait for Lin Shao to come back,How do you let me explain。” Zhao Long,Look at this one,Cold road。 because,I am also a member of the Lin family。 other side,Not eligible to fire myself。 As for the people of the company,The other party is really eligible to be expelled。 just,Words of Zhao Long,Behind this person’s ear。 […]

It’s not a vegetable。

After Fang Hao understood some problems,,I remembered what the divine voice I heard in the coma promised,Ask his parents:“My face now,Is there any change?” For him,Is a very important thing。 If you endure this pain,You can exchange for a very high value,Don’t be doomed to be alone for life,It’s worth it。 It’s okay if he […]

Feihu whispered:Let him take a break!

———— First25Section After a period of study,We have entered the assessment stage! The first assessment content,Is codenamed“Wandering jungle”Detective assessment。 Flying Tiger on the lawn of the training camp,Sent our combat equipment:compass、Mountain knife、Writing paper、pencil。Plus our own equipment:Backpack、Nine-Five Automatic Rifle、Helmet、Scout Dagger。 Feihu said:This is an assessment of your study for more than 20 days,Ask you to within […]

Feihu walked slowly behind!

“your,what happened?” A second lieutenant was spotted by him!The ensign said:“report!The bullet is unbalanced,So i put him below!” “Weapons and ammunition should be placed on top,So that you can be armed and attack the enemy at the fastest speed,You tell me now,If you encounter an enemy,Can you take out the bullet equipment the first time??”Feihu […]

Qin Liang looked at Yanzi and asked,Because he knows Yanzi Gengzhi well,Candid character,That’s why he was surprised by Yanzi’s words。

“Don’t you think it is serious?The highest military commander of the world’s number one Dragon Soul Special Forces,It turned out to be a chattering anytime, anywhere,Nonsense,Man molesting a little girl!Don’t you think this is incredible?Isn’t it serious??”Yanziyu said to Qin Liang with heart and soul。 Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero […]

This is a sophomore college,He actually spent better time than some juniors,Even now the laughter is sudden and unpleasant,But no one laughs at each other。

I don’t know if it’s because of the other person’s yell,Yue Linger and others also opened their eyes one after another,They look at the surroundings,I realized that everything that happened just now was an illusion。 Secretly relieved,I hope that there will be no more problems similar to the previous ones。 Makino wakes up,He was seriously […]

Murong Shan understood Qin Liang’s suggestion and immediately agreed.。

“Just do it。” Okay,Shen Ruoxi didn’t object either。 “OK,That’s how we decided,Everyone has worked hard these days,To make you all feel comfortable tonight。” Qin Liang said cheerfully,I don’t know that Shen Ruoxi and the others do massage,Why is he so happy,Of course,He must follow“Dip”Have a massage together…… “Why haven’t Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun come back??” Shen […]

But Wang Hong still doesn’t want to try at will,So I went to my own metal processing factory,Remotely control the equipment inside,Brute force,Forcibly shatter the seal on the surface of the storage bag。

as expected,The zhenqi inside the seal really has the ability to adhere,Light green gas,Scattered everywhere in the factory。 Had it not been for Wang Hong, he would have let the workers leave temporarily,Once I see such a scene,Have to put his new boss,As a biological weaponKBMolecular handling。 Fortunately, the light green gas comes and goes […]

Mei Xingyun muttered。

“not simple……Surgical extraction is more troublesome。I am a bit simpler……” Fang Yu’s face is deep。 And also make sure that the stem cells are the same as the transplant in the operating room。 “I’ll get the medicine first!” Fang Yu got up。 Let Mei Xingyun look at them。 Buy good medicine back。 Fang Yu started […]