The nutritional value of mango health effects and the role of expectorant cough

  First, the nutritional benefits and food value of mango mango is rich in protein, carotene, and essential trace element<Selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.>Content is also high。 King of tropical reputation。 High。  1, the stopper has a clear halo effect edible mango stomach, for motion sickness, seasickness have some antiemetic effects。  2, according to modern anticancer viewpoint, mango […]

On the military deputies from the cohesion realize the Chinese dream the dream of a strong army majestic power

  Military deputies, deputy commander of the Tibet Military District People's Congress Wang Haijiang army, navy ship captain Zhaoyan Quan army Hefei People's Congress, a unit of Air Force captain Feng Weijun man carrying a shoulder crushing burden reporters: March 17, new elected State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping constitutional oath, a solemn promise to […]

Hong Kong Cyberport brings together technology companies break through 1000

  Xinhua News Agency December 14 (Reporter Li Bin Bin) Hong Kong Cyberport 14 announced its creative community company breakthrough 1000, Cyberport start-ups, technology companies and industry representatives such as hundreds of people gathered together in Cyberport, witnessed its tread into a new era。   Cyberport is an innovative digital community, owned by the Hong Kong SAR […]

Nine Reasons hold a cautious attitude toward the block chain

From the theoretical point of view, block chain technology seems to be one of the most secure network system。 Nevertheless, recently a group of researchers still found a number of security vulnerabilities which exist。 Block chain (ie, global ledger network) it really safe enough?Supporters of this issue gives an affirmative answer, because it will be […]

Notes eight summer jump Square Dance

Summer square dance movement were good, but after all, pretty hot summer, any movement must be considered to what is to be noted。 What precautions during the hot summer jump Square Dance have it?Which is something you understand it?This article along to learn the next bar!Summer jump Square Dance Notes 1, ready to dance kettle, […]

Diabetes do not eat these taboos (1)

  Many people find themselves not abnormal blood sugar, is a health problem in the physical examination found that high before going to check their own blood sugar。 Daily blood glucose monitoring in order to effectively prevent high blood sugar unconsciously so much。  Normal blood glucose values: fasting blood glucose in normal / L or less, two-hour […]