The stories we have seen the block chain

According to the laws of nature, each industry has its life cycle, and some industry longevity, so enduring, and some industries such as the meteor, fleeting。 Today fiery chain block so naturally, under a lot of hot money influx, the block chain has become the focus of most investors sought。 From the market point of […]

Taiwanese cultural studies scholar: to increase efforts in building the Taiwanese cultural and ecological protection zone

Data for: great building along the river Taiwanese cultural elements。 Wang Dongming taken 24 to 25, sponsored by the Fujian Minnan Culture Research Association, Xiamen Minnan Culture Research Society hosted "Fujian Minnan Culture Research Association 2018 Annual Conference" held in Xiamen, experts and scholars from both sides of a total of more than 200 people […]

The State Council issued a document to promote global tourism will give you 10 big tourism benefits

Data for: canola flower in full bloom Kaihua Quzhou City, Zhejiang Qianjiang source country views。 Reporter Mao Jianjun photo to go sightseeing is no longer "Chikage side" views this requirement, focusing on product features, facilities and projects, not to engage in a pattern, prevent thousands of city side, thousands of village side, Chikage side, the […]

Beijing first three paragraphs of the new rail line opened by the end of trial operation

  Reporters found that in the general idea and main objective this year slow block plan, for the first time included "traffic participants achieve compliance awareness, awareness of the rules, safety awareness, awareness of civilized significantly enhanced" requirements。   Under the plan, this year, the Capital Spiritual Civilization Office, the Municipal Board of Education, Municipal Traffic Management […]

Li Keqiang: Residential use rights can be extended after the expiration does not affect the use of

  After March 20 the morning of the closing meeting of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met in the Great Hall of the Golden Hall on the third floor interview Thirteenth National People's Congress of Chinese and foreign reporters and answered questions raised by reporters。   March 20, Vice Premier Li Keqiang and […]

How do women care for their hair (1) from the aspects of food

  A beautiful black hair in particular, to highlight the feminine。 Good hair can make a woman shine, more successfully captured the hearts of men。So what to eat to help to protect it in the diet?  egg。 Eggs are rich in high quality protein, can fully nourish hair follicles。Children eat two a day, an adult one day […]