Canola flower

This year’s fall is particularly short, did not come to look at the ground of canola flower, you go to winter freezing rain fell across the.Bright yellow fields of canola flower in full bloom scenery, but to enjoy the scenery from the previous photo go.    Now go online, whether fiction or magazines, or other media, it […]

Boy Diary

Early autumn campus, a little busy.Shenzhuolanyao people stay up late to get up early, yawning, Duan Leyi double bleary eyes, stopped to see – the morning sun will penetrate the fog of several overlapping peaks of the world, projected under the boy’s figure, long, seem to have been pulled out memories.  22-year-old boy, dyed his hair […]

Beyond the Great Wall of Wind Stirring Snow

Deepest winter, the mountains beyond the Great Wall to the wind blowing snow mix that can be called personal fear, a bag of tobacco effort can freeze to death sheep, that is, in large Yanmenguan foreign minister who also fear third of it.    You probably have not experienced the mountains beyond the Great Wall to the […]

Be who love music and understand music

REVIEW Gradually I was not scared music lessons, and when the examination is also less of the former Huangkong.Every morning rush piano when you can be calm, and that their requirements are also a lot of loose.  Barriers to dream that one day, to be a people who love music and understand music, so music across […]

Autumn thread

REVIEW lake saxophone melody, like a wisp of smoke, through Yiyi willow, around the ear, rendering the mood as ever.Hang ancient dense, deeply moved by the heartstrings, who can not afford to bear the promise resolutely turned and disappeared in the years.     Late autumn, tall bamboo on the slopes, still verdant, Takeshita Punta grass, but very […]

Autumn ah!autumn rain

Like the rain, so the sky from Zhengzhou since memory is not like a year from early autumn to late autumn, the rain continued, and even attached ten days are kept raining, Zhengzhou climatic changes like the weather in the south, wet cleaning, is really too fond of.   Most memorable is from early autumn to […]

Antique shopping

Antique shopping cash-strapped me to the dissipation of the cafes, bars, game rooms and other places of entertainment always shied away from prohibitive.These people live in dreams decadent place, we not like ours where civilians can 潇洒走一回.Where the consumption of expensive goods and people whom tip the scales.We only feel powerless and frustrated envy.Since it […]

Amidst Jason Jiang

REVIEW Rui Lu Qiong dance smallpox Man, moisten many mountains and rivers.Light rain Rainy swing sound, Jiangnan Gui, poet drunk.Fragrant plum blossoms and who comfort?Looking at the river Aoyagi Tsui, thoughts swirling invited dream.  Pro Spring often, always Jiangnan misty rain blurred, open the window the morning, rain and fog fans will always smoke shrouded the […]

Affinity, time and space are not distance

Some things have only gone through the experience of penetrating the heart.We do not care about other people’s comment, as long as do their own thing; no need to look at other people’s eyes, simply go its own way.In a happy marriage, the companion is both a specific person, but also you and tantalum formed […]

A small park in Hong path wandering heart

[REVIEW] baby back from Xiamen, never forget that guides her sister, and a long stop crying, I am both moved by the child’s sincere feelings, let me vaguely uneasy.Children, you do not know, people in this life, mostly, a glass of wine joys and sorrows, North-South thing thousands of miles away.? Tobacco small garden next […]