Encouragement of love

I want to show him the bright side of the world and teach my son to be a kind person, even if he suffers setbacks in the future.. – Sanshi’s children now have a myriad of favorites, as my boy is now, and all the demands are taken for granted, with a weak sense of […]

Carry water

Early in the morning, gastrodia elata was bright and snowflakes fell one by one on the ground. chun Bao inserted his father’s small pole into the snow and helped his mother get a bucket. Chun Bao came to the pole with the two small buckets that had accompanied him for three years, stretched out his […]

Answer the child’s question” what is love? ”

Child: I received your message on the 17th night and asked my mother a question – what is love? Ha ha, kid, today is the 19th. mom will start to answer your question.     Child: mom said to you first – what is love? According to the Bible regulations, love is enduring and kind, love is […]

A letter to my sister

Dear sister: if one day you see this letter. You know, it was written with tears in her eyes when she loved you.. Wanshui Qian Shan, just ask it to carry my heart pain and care to you.     My dearest sister, you must know that not everything in this world is merciful. If possible, I […]

My great grandfather

I was about eight or nine years old when my elder brother came to my house. He had a long white beard, and his tall body was already bent with a large part of his teeth missing. He only chewed food with a few front teeth. His mouth pursed and pursed during chewing, which made […]

Heart lamp

What is the heart? Buddha said: The heart is an invisible and formless self, not inside, not outside, not in the middle, but all over the universe.     What is the light? Buddha said: Lights are like hearts. ” God thought bright as a lamp.      – Rain lovers step into every dust, and this is […]


Every house should have a door. China’s door culture is very rich. Even the’ front door’ and’ back door’ are not a word to go by.. Regardless of ancient and modern times, Gaomen compound is a symbol of identity and status. Du Zimei’s ” Zhu Men dog meat stinks, and the road has frozen bones” […]

Break through

In the last two days, I have been listening to comrade Meng of the marketing department say how to break through her own words. in the end, I saw that she did break through her own words.. On the first day I came to think about Bada, I saw her go to the stage to […]

All Lives Daily

[ Original Text ]What the world thinks reasonable does not necessarily follow Heaven’s Law. For example, it is not illegal for the Charity Federation to withdraw 10 % of the charity funds as office funds, but it actually violates heaven’s law. It is important to know that the donors of these donations are donating for […]

A bastard’s theory

Essay on the theory of an asshole Yu Gongjin I never liked swearing because I thought swearing was a very uncivilized behavior. However, sometimes, when something happens, the abusive words blurt out, just like what others told me yesterday.. This incident is not my own experience, it is the experience of others, it is a […]