Find a wall

If water wrote an article to participate in the ” Red Apricot Spring Festival” draft, it was a very learned piece and was praised as an expert on red apricots.. What he meant was that the wall of red apricots does not lie in red apricots, but in the wall.   You also don’t say that […]

Echocardiography action

Action is the ladder of success. The more action, the higher the climb. A man is like a clock, whose value is determined by his actions.   Action is the best words, action is the best memory.. Judging a person is not based on his own confession or opinion of himself, but on his actions.   Action […]

Don’t abandon, don’t give up!

Sister Wang’s house opened a sweat steamer. I often went to her, and we became friends in the long run.. A few days ago, my daughter in Beijing called to ask her to go. When she left, she asked me to help her take care of the store.   As the saying goes: the trust of […]


What kind of girl would you like.   I guess she has long brown hair with wavy curls.   She has fair and transparent skin.   There will be a small dimple when you laugh.   Her eyes are like a lake in a deep pool, ying ying silently speaking.   She is petite.   And cute and clever.   She will […]

Choice impression

I always want to cultivate a daughter with ancient elegance and bearing, so I always encourage myself to love reading and think about reading with this sentence..   Ji Nan’s literacy is very early, thanks to his wife’s efforts. He began to teach Ji Nan’s literacy when his children were in kindergarten. Although he had many […]

Bright past time, youth to late

My blood is compatible with you. My pain is the same as yours; My secret is in your heart. You are more eternal than family, sweeter than love, sweeter than friendship.     Written to a phoenix who can fly in the mountains, who can dance with outstanding people. University talented women are glorious. Intellectual also connotation, […]

Be a thin lover in the world

Maybe everyone has had such a dream, walking in Qian Shan, without asking for the past, without thinking about the future, life is full of scenery, without fetters, without staying, watching the flowers bloom before the court and looking up to the sky, I think the soul of the dreamer will not be bitter.! It’s […]

At the beginning of the lingering wanton butterfly change

Another year-end beginning! Then it is interpreted as a review of life! Always exceptionally cold, will eventually be helpless to wait.   The north wind is cold and hard, the snow is falling, the summer flowers are gone, the sweet soul leaves have no green marks, only frost and snow are falling.   The extremely cold but […]

Alone, wheatgrass all the way

One person, one camera, listening to the music played by the mobile phone at will, walking through the mountain road with the fragrance of Sophora japonica, and sometimes passing by both husband and wife, feel very warm. Sometimes passing by groups of men, you talk about current events one by one. Sometimes through the 3322 […]

About eating and avoiding food

[ Guide ]: I thought that the mouth was eating except for talking. It would be a waste to sleep with it closed. For several years, I really’ fully’ used this mouth,’ loquacious’ and liked eating snacks, but the result was a lot of trouble..     Many people sigh with emotion: It is hard to say […]