“Still alive!””Ok!Alive!””that’s nice!””Yes!Alive nice!Under “Day screen, a pair of old man met in the side of the mountain, near the pond, magnolia tree in tree.They faced, his face filled with joy: “the sunset.””Ok!The sunset.”” Tomorrow it will rise?””meeting!Will do!””Ok!I believe!””I believe too!””sit down!We sit down!Just this rock, just under the magnolia tree!””it is good!””remember?I remember […]

Alive, younger bar

Alive, should be younger!We yearn for the years of passion, I was young, I am proud!We aspire younger years!    Young is a show of the capital, it is also a young style, a positive life style!You will have overwhelming momentum, you will have Moonlight went out of interest.When the sweat and hard work interwoven blending bitter […]

Alive, you have to have material

I think the most important ability is to train his brain, hold things inside the brain, the brain has the ability to think, his conversation has a height level, this is the people, otherwise, just beautiful animals not smart people.So I earnestly repeated propaganda in my shows and programs, to make our brain is able […]

Alive, willing to dream “dead”

I live, willing to dream ‘dead’.He red, his image active on the big screen, a lot of big-time director to throw him an olive branch.However, some of his jealous people mean to say: then red, utility man is dead.He did not mind, he said firmly: I’m alive, willing to dream ‘dead’.He is 42 years old, […]

Alive, we must continue to go

Alive, we must continue to go Text / passes like the sky is deep, thoughtful caused countless philosophers; life is ethereal, but real.To live is to toss these words has its truth.Look at how you toss a law, toss well, you can become a Buddha do ancestors, toss bad, is Daoshanhuohai.Everyone living in the sun, […]

Alive, to feel happy

He ran nursing home came a new teacher, lived next door to her mother, her mother the same age, the same surname, but some shorter seniority.People say the surname “Ran,” the chaos faction, fair to the teacher who ran only in the family, on an equal footing with me, a neck and neck.    Due to frequent […]

Ancient Town!Dwelling Prachuab US House

Long time no out of Zhongchang, this is not, in the Ancient Town, accompanied by a slow and rhythmic walking quartzite, v. Zhongchang own party have a reason to show Chinese Han characters shine.  Ancient Town Qiannv like a classic through the years, and each time close contact with her own deep feelings seemed estimated to […]