Cao birthplace completed strains Shue Kee

In West Long Bay, seat strains Shue Yan.Said Cao Xi Shi, five hundred years.Jingyang eldest son, Chen later moved to the public.Tao public good-neighborliness, pulse Hung Chuan.Chen Juan male, strain Tan Feng Zhang explants pass.After the village before the village, vigorous lush, four trees, vitality.Among the group of wood, but lush plants, then changed its […]

Cao Bin execution

When text / Zhaoyuan Bo Song name system soldiers guarding Xuzhou Cao Bin, a young officer breaking the law, the cases are verified, according to the criminal sentenced to caning, only to be closed execution.The results report Cao Bin there, but gone unacknowledged in general, see Cao Bin approval.Paddling are not a felony at the […]

Cantabile old things, you meet the most beautiful!

I am the happiest thing in my most beautiful moment I met you, even though we never together, and still thank you in my life.Let me next time, no longer alone.My world, there is hardly ever original sunset.  - Zither lemon [to you] I love the purest friendship, such as ancient ink, and write poetry chapter!  Has […]

Cantabile memorable years

Person’s life, Cantabile years may very brief, yet obsessed day and night, timeless.  Zhejiang, one of his comrades eventually lost and lonely, ambitious, being in a foreign country, the achievements of his dream home of multinational corporations.Often talked about his ingenious, his entrepreneurial path, we will think of him as well as those of his comrades […]

Canqiang wall of a situation

In mid-1959, a woman became a widow.Husband suddenly wash away, leaving her and two niu.It was the first three years of difficult times of the year, leaving only a thin bones of a woman, picking wheat straw stack in the yard.That was the last straw stack, fantasy woman can pick up some grain below to […]

Canola flower

Spring is very light footsteps, quietly fell on canola flower blossoming.  In the wake of that moment there was a flash of the eye is dew in the sun.  Barefoot at your fingertips stepping on the green grass of the blue sky, the exciting moment as her mother’s arms, comfort and tranquility.  Once in the mountains looked on […]

Canola flower song

Rain, fine like silk, silk gently, gently as floating, blue sky washed, moist earth spring, like Qingdouchukai girls, walking, laughing disperse the haze, blowing green earth, the blowing brilliant flowers, blow woke up all the birds, with one jumping, singing, competing calling: spring ah, we hope!Field ah, our paradise! Warm spring days of March to […]

Canola flower open

The long rain.To suppress the vigorous growth of many things.The sun and moon blink.They are just bleak in peeping colorful spring.  Temperature or understanding, was picked up momentum.Many creatures are like Thanksgiving, contributes a little hospitality and gifts.  Birds sang chirp, willow bud Tanchunaodai, wild grass stubbornly out a new tender, brook dripping, drips gurgling gestures.Walking in […]

Canola flower open when

Canola flower spring open when the pool swell your gentle golden large tracts surround you you waiting for a lonely winter of rose oil as long as it does not need at this moment Shuzhan Cheng canola flower of a cheerful river does not need carnations As long as you have the sea every day […]

Canola flower open day

Childhood memories is open when you see that piece of golden canola flower.The beads are strung years past gradually emerge in front, facing the ignorance of childhood, innocence, so much more than nostalgia, a smile will inadvertently quietly bloom in the mouth, it is so pure.Breath (Inscription) thick spring gradually opened, and my memory always […]