Canola flower I sing for you – write in the British Hill Farm Bureau organization of canola flower Photographers

March Yingshan whole field covered with yellow canola flower a ridge ridge piece quietly open and the earth and the sky matched blending with Castle as partners see you standing in golden pastoral brilliant beautiful you dyed yellow spring shuttle the angle of field intoxicating fragrance blowing children are played out among the flowers Splendor […]

Canola flower children open

If we say that this is a sea of blue ocean but did not feel the cold wind is a stream of hot flame burning natural metal-like sheen from the roots in the soil glow gold scroll touch touch of bright raised the southern earth this earth color in my eyes you’re not very refined […]

Canola flower child

After a clear, canola flower children everywhere will be sequential open, and came to Xi’an, which for nearly two decades, every year someone Hupenghuanyou, elated to see canola flower child, growing trend in recent years more.I was brought up in rural areas, which is not very understanding, so what’s nice dish flowers, small, yellow, peony […]

Canola flower and yellow

On the outskirts of canola flower and yellow, I walked in a sea of flowers, dazzling bright yellow canola flower, fragrant overflowing, from which, immersed stroll, Orioles Chebi Wudie children busy, which is more than one good season it , human Mayday, youth and thought throbbing season, Huaichun season, youthful figure in a large field […]

Cannon Street

Street cannon, not to beat dry battle cannon, cannon is a personal name, Huo cannon.  Almost all the stories are strange to say the extraordinary story of Howard Cannon is no exception.Huo cannon parents make tofu to make a living in the streets, guarding the mother in the store, his father pushed the car street child, […]

Cannon Legend God

Mountains close to Jinling Cun in a seat Goddess Temple, since the six months to come to a place Laoni, incense once flourished.The reason is the temple of songziniangniang statues suddenly become efficacious up, where there are infertile couples here called upon to pay his respects, the most miraculously looked forward to go back and […]