Delicious eggplant

A child, my favorite food is eggplant vegetables.At that time, buying cooking oil is based on the supply of food is eggplant cauldron boil.Looked at the hands of bran corn bread, frowned, it is difficult to swallow.Sometimes Grandma cup of boiled eggplant bowl, eat the will sleepwalk.At that time, food grains children, it seems as […]

Delicious alley

Wang Shangtong Shanghai Shikumen alley delicious narrow alleys quiet long, living in this little universe of residents, on a date and then embarrassed, open seven things always have to be properly arranged.Breakfast eat rice with soup, fast and convenient.Eat rice with soup inseparable from the “salty side dishes,” Shanghai mama would have been on a […]

Delicate woman of Xiao Hong

In regard to this woman turned the text, are based on “text and with the derailment of life” at the beginning of such words, there is no complete understanding of her, she did not read the complete article, learn some few words, little by little is eroding, is attracted, like text and life derailment.Such a […]

Delicate flowers, do not fade in the campus!

School violence, by definition, school violence occurred, bullying.Such things have happened frequently in many schools, although teachers to teach again and again, some students still hardcore, Is this the reason for it is the teacher?wrong!It depends on many factors!    This year’s October 10, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province during recess afternoon on the fifteenth high school there […]

Degree below zero

Part One: minus was staring a late summer season, a high school campus staged a bipolar world of the story, mediocre Antarctic penguin strong hint of a polar bear mediocre, mediocre crowd does not outline a mediocre lines.  Penguin said: Perhaps because of the time difference belongs to the two of us, so we missed the […]


Part one: yellow leaves the sky, I saw the life, thought many, many Tagore said: Shengruxiahua brilliant, if dead autumn leaves.Leaves, a piece, and in the arms of the wind, the freedom of flying.  Yela is when.That season, the death of a loved me, then she lay there quietly; then, the leaves flying in the sky; […]

Defecate gold Shek

In the past, western Sichuan for a man named Shu country, fertile land, rich, very rich.It is not far from the Qin early on this fertile land coveted, I want to put it all under the own.But the road to Shu is very steep, steep cliffs and across the bottomless ravine on the road, a […]

Defeated superstar

He, born in mid-1946, at birth, hanging by a thread.When still in the womb, doctors recommend that children should not be retained, and asserted that even if a disability is born, live only two years old.Chosen to be his mother he was born.    When the doctor took him out of the midwifery forceps clip womb, his […]

Default judgment

1 no snow in winter, not a real winter, cold snowy winter, real winter.  For months, my heart went through a brutal baptism of snow and ice, just let me read the winter, but also let me see the pace of the spring.  Afternoon, sleep time, almost did not call, I sat in the phone booth pedestrian […]

Deep love garlic

REVIEW garlic hometown people seem to have feelings, even if the garlic price cheap hard sell at good prices, people still insist on staying with the planting.Hometown people, said: “Garlic full of treasure, eat healthy is not old.”.Is, indeed, garlic, garlic, sprout, garlic can cook, eat garlic can Pharmaceuticals.  As the saying goes: “turnip cabbage, all […]