Dedication of love

Ancient educator Confucius tells us: Man’s nature is good.However, the substance in power today, really adhering to the “Sex Education” there are a few people acting?In the face of those great figures of selfless dedication, we can not move it?Also the matter concerns an armchair it?    CCTV News reported last night, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese […]

Cao Jinghua selected collection of essays

[Profile]: Cao Jing, formerly known as Cao Tristate.Chinese writers, July 18, 1897 was born in Henan Romer, Cao Jing died in Beijing September 8, 1987.Lushi County, Henan Province.1897 born in mid-August 11.Lushi rural childhood home with his father reading CAO Pei-yuan, the initial contact with the anti-reform ideas.Fourth Movement back and forth, the unsealing of […]