Qin Liang said nonchalantly。

“Really no need,Brother-in-law!” Shen Ruoxue is even more panicked now!And Liu Xiaoyun, who was sitting next to her, was also afraid to speak…… “I have to do it myself, right??” Qin Liang is talking,Reach out to grab Shen Ruoxue’s feet。 “Don’t!Do not……” Shen Ruoxue began to avoid,But Qin Liang grabbed a foot in a blink […]

Murong Shan understood Qin Liang’s suggestion and immediately agreed.。

“Just do it。” Okay,Shen Ruoxi didn’t object either。 “OK,That’s how we decided,Everyone has worked hard these days,To make you all feel comfortable tonight。” Qin Liang said cheerfully,I don’t know that Shen Ruoxi and the others do massage,Why is he so happy,Of course,He must follow“Dip”Have a massage together…… “Why haven’t Xiaoxue and Xiaoyun come back??” Shen […]

But Wang Hong still doesn’t want to try at will,So I went to my own metal processing factory,Remotely control the equipment inside,Brute force,Forcibly shatter the seal on the surface of the storage bag。

as expected,The zhenqi inside the seal really has the ability to adhere,Light green gas,Scattered everywhere in the factory。 Had it not been for Wang Hong, he would have let the workers leave temporarily,Once I see such a scene,Have to put his new boss,As a biological weaponKBMolecular handling。 Fortunately, the light green gas comes and goes […]

Fan Wenliang said:“Xiaoding,Who taught you this?Obviously your father is the calligrapher,Who are you looking for?”

Jiang Fan said:“She is embarrassed to say,Can i say for her?” “can。”Fan Wenliang said。 Jiang Fan said:“in fact,She wanted you to keep it for him。She said you have a circle of teeny letters?I just said please give me some advice,That’s what it means。” “Xiaoding said by himself。”Fan Wenliang looked at Ding Yi and said。 Ding […]

Yang Shiyun said something smoothly。

“I have seen a lot,But I have never seen such a good figure!”Qin Liang smiled maliciously and said,At the same time secretly thinking;“It happened that this girl let me be her stand-in boyfriend,I have to find a chance to get some interest back,Enjoy it……Hehe。” Qin Liang was so beautiful that a drop of saliva came […]

“Just talk about Liu Xiaoyun,What’s my business!”

Shen Ruoxue said nonchalantly,The other girls are afraid of Qin Liang,She’s not afraid。 “Less nonsense!You too!”Qin Liang continued to play the big tail wolf。The majesty of being a brother-in-law is always necessary,Moreover,Fertilizer does not flow out of the field,So sweet scene,Only he can see,Outsiders can never see!We can’t just send out benefits everywhere.。 Ps:Book friends,I […]

“Are you afraid that you will encounter similar situations in the future,So I want to take precautions in advance?”

Liu Xiaoyun rolled her eyes,Suddenly asked in a low voice。 “I don’t think so……” Shen Ruoxue said with a guilty conscience,Actually she really thinks so! “No need to trouble,Didn’t the two of us planned it long ago?,If we are forced to marry us one day,Let’s run away。” Liu Xiaoyun said confidently。 “It’s always good to […]

Let him kick!

The football draws a parabola in the air,Went straight to the goal of the Korean team! Goalkeeper Kim Hyun Yoon originally guarded against Hu Lai’s grab shot at the front point,How could I think that Hu Lai suddenly lost his balance and rushed forward,The football leaped from behind him,Over his head,Towards the back corner of […]

At this moment,The branch secretary’s family came on a bicycle,She brought ten golden cornmeal dumplings with a cloth bag,Said it was just out of the pot。

The party secretary said:“All right,Let’s wait to eat,Leave everything to her。Come,Xiaoding,Sit down and rest,Zou Zijie is really ignorant,Standing in the field with reporter Ding for so long,Look at her。” Zou Zijie looked at Ding Yi,Said with a smile:“Your face will peel tomorrow。” Ding Yi’s eyes widened,Said:“Really?” “Ok,Go back and buy some burn cream to put […]

The old director glanced at Ding,Said:“Does the family have a genetic history of twins??”

Ding Yi thought about it:“No,Mother is not,Grandma is not,I don’t know the others,Am i pregnant with twins?” The old director said:“That’s your sister-in-law’s ear problem,She wants you to conceive his brother with twins,I listened to the twins last time。” “Hahaha。” Ding Yi and Jiang Yan both laughed。 Jiang Yan thought for a while,Bent down again,Continue […]