Peng Changyi can’t hear clearly,Talking loudly over there:“Speak louder,I can not hear clearly,Signal is not good……”

Bastard!Is this something to say out loud?Wang Jiadong hung up,I thought I couldn’t let Zhang Liang’s wife wait too long,She can come out of Cui Ci’s room,You can come out from small meetings,So lest things happen。Thought of here,He came to Secretary Fan’s office in a few steps,Knocked on the door and went in,Sure enough, there […]

Thought of here,She admires Guan Hao’s personality,He really understands what he should do。

At this moment,A grunting cry came from Guan Yao’s stomach,Xia Jihan couldn’t help but chuckled。Push a plate of pistachios and almonds in front of him,Said:“Hungry,Eat some dried fruits first,Hold on。” Guan Yao said while eating pistachios:“I said,Is that how your Ducheng treats guests??One stays away,A deadly pour me tea,I can’t stand the torture even if […]

“Director White,Don’t kneel,I didn’t come to your office to ask questions。”

“what,It’s not Xingshi who asked the crime,That’s good, that’s good。”Bai Qingsong finally breathed a sigh of relief,I thought I said I would fire Qin Liang,Qin Liang is now his immediate boss,I’m not here to revenge him,Bai Qingsong stood up,Standing in front of Qin Liang with a respectful look,As if he was willing。 Qin Liang doesn’t […]

Qin Liang looked at Yanzi and asked,Because he knows Yanzi Gengzhi well,Candid character,That’s why he was surprised by Yanzi’s words。

“Don’t you think it is serious?The highest military commander of the world’s number one Dragon Soul Special Forces,It turned out to be a chattering anytime, anywhere,Nonsense,Man molesting a little girl!Don’t you think this is incredible?Isn’t it serious??”Yanziyu said to Qin Liang with heart and soul。 Ps:Book friends,I am Thor Giant,Recommend a freeApp,Support download、Listen to books、Zero […]

Qin Liang forced a joke。

“nonsense!” Song Min replied with disdain…… Qin Liang shortly after they left,The funeral home car came to the scene where the two bodies were found,Those two corpses who don’t know how many years spent underground,Was finally lifted out of the tunnel“Install”Got in the car,But their destination is not a funeral home,But the forensic department of […]

And therefore until today,She couldn’t help Hu Lai。

I don’t know if it’s because my father played away in the third round of qualifiers.2:1Because of the dissatisfaction of the team’s performance in beating the opponent,That’s why I’m so irritable。 Dongchuan Middle School did not play well in that game,May be the first game5:0,Second game3:0After defeating the opponent, everyone was a little proud and […]


【I’m not the one who is anxious to make money】 【Hahahahahaha,Heartbroken】 【People who don’t have the ability, don’t work hard, and don’t worry,Stop selling complaints everywhere,No one will sympathize with you】 【I’m working overtime,Take a break to relax】 【Same overtime,So tired】 Ou Baobao finished the comment,I know I seem to have said something wrong again,Didn’t […]

“As long as we walk to the highest place on this hillside,I should be able to see Sister Yanzi。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s nonchalant answer。 When everyone got to the top of the hillside,Sure enough, I immediately saw the top of another hillside not far away,The swallow is sitting there“See the scenery”What。 “Ha ha,Little Zhuge is really little Zhuge,Can’t help it。” Qin Liang praised Liu Xiaoyun with a hippy smile。 “Is the past?Or we all go […]

Wang Linlin asked timidly,In fact, she really wants to see Shen Ruoxue and others“Martial arts”What is it like。

“go together,How boring you are to be alone。” Shen Ruoxue replied,She is already unable to protect herself,But I still want to care about my good friend。 When Daochang Bai walked through the living room downstairs,,Qin Liang who is also chatting downstairs,Shen Ruoxi and the others also hurriedly stood up,Respectfully greeted Daochang Baek,But Daochang Bai just […]

Baby Ou’s heart suddenly felt tight。

Zhang Xiaojiang glanced at An Shicheng,so,Already violated。An Shicheng didn’t look at him,Still looking at Baby Ou,“What else do you know,It’s better to say it now。We can always find a way to help you。in case,What is really going on,After it happens,There is nothing we can do.” After handing over the fake gems,Baby Ou hasn’t spoken yet。And […]