“Oh Huo,really?Xu Xuan actually guarded Curry?I just saw him take the initiative to find Stephen,I thought he couldn’t think of it anymore.”

———— First360chapter Sorry,Xu Xuan is super god again!(4K) Curry looked at Xu Xuan with unhappy eyes,This hanging man is so annoying,Curry has decided,After this game is over,If Xu Xuan doesn’t invite him to eat、two、three、four、Fives、six.For a big meal,He will never forgive Xu Xuan! On the court,Curry’s shot was interfered by Xu Xuan again,Halftime,The Pacers have expanded […]

Luo Xiaohu also greeted him with a smile on his face:“Haven’t seen each other for a long time,Your sweaty head,Are you tired of walking up with your suitcase??Damn,Why don’t you scream,We can all go down and help you carry things!”

———— Chapter 2000 Ha ha ha Heard two people talking passionately,Sheng Tiange is angry:“I speak so loudly,Can’t you hear?The walls of this yard are not soundproof walls。” But this matter is not easy to lose your temper,Hearty smile:“How can such a small matter trouble you?Not multiple things,I can mention it myself。” He took the suitcase […]

Kobe is under such defense,Single quarter9in7!7All balls are in the shot,Take down17Minute!The score has come40Minute!Three sections40Minute!

End of three quarters,Miami Heat71:82Los Angeles Lakers,The score opened further。 “Kobe’s middle distance is too accurate too。”Jim Fegan was surprised,Who was the last player to score so easily in the middle distance?? “of course,Kobe’s offense is very good。But it is also the reason why Pat Riley’s defense is not targeted enough,No one could have imagined […]

“is it,Let them in。”

Tsunade sat at the desk and said。 “Tsunade-sama。” . Listening to the report of two people,Tsunade punched the Hokage desk in front of him and said:“what?!is this real?” “Yes,According to Haruno Sakura’s words,There should be nothing wrong。” Gangzitie said。 “hateful!”Tsunade fist,Because the Hokage desk was broken just now,So Tsunade’s punch is completely empty this time,“This […]

Feihu whispered:Let him take a break!

———— First25Section After a period of study,We have entered the assessment stage! The first assessment content,Is codenamed“Wandering jungle”Detective assessment。 Flying Tiger on the lawn of the training camp,Sent our combat equipment:compass、Mountain knife、Writing paper、pencil。Plus our own equipment:Backpack、Nine-Five Automatic Rifle、Helmet、Scout Dagger。 Feihu said:This is an assessment of your study for more than 20 days,Ask you to within […]

See here,Chen Lan couldn’t help but smile,It’s troublesome。

Lin Dong has recognized,This Mo Xiaoxiao,Is the one at the door just now,But Mo Xiaoxiao is looking at Lin Dong。 Like Chen Lan,She was also unexpected。 “Mr Lin,Please sit down。”Chen Lan said with a smile,Finished,Reached out and pulled Mo Xiaoxiao to sit down。 Lin Dong smiled and nodded again,Sat down。 Three seated,Chen Lan smiled at […]

Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Soul bone(Subscribe)

Subsequently,Yueguan and Guimei’s martial soul fusion skills have already failed…… They wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads,It was originally consumed by the Azure Bull Python,At this moment, the use of martial arts fusion skills is compelling! After the two of them are relieved,I only heard the shocked voice of the surrounding Wuhun Hall elders…… […]

“This……This……”Zheng Fan is embarrassed,I don’t know what to do for a while,I haven’t spoken yet,Mo Xiaosheng blocked the conversation。

“Uncle Zheng,I think you shouldn’t be embarrassed by Mo Xiaosheng。”Yang Xu Fuhe Road,For the uncle Wei Xue,He has met a few times。Nevertheless,He didn’t mean to help Zheng Fan speak。After all, the behavior of Nangong Yunxi was too much。 “Uncle?Why are you here?” Suddenly a clear voice came from behind Zheng Fan,Then a beautiful figure jumped […]

“You go back to the bedroom,I’m going to find Yu Xin。”One thought ends here,Wang Yufei said something to Lu Jia。

“Isn’t it possible that my performance today can’t go to a meal??”Lu Jiawei said aggrievedly。 “Are you sure to be together?” “determine!It would be better if you let your girlfriend take her roommate。” “That line,You do it!” …… Failed to fulfill Lu Jia’s wish,Lu Yuxin went to the appointment alone。 Lu Yuxin’s explanation is,The family […]

“If i run,what would you do?”Watching Meng still,Zhao Ming is a little funny。

“I don’t care。It’s not me who killed them after all,They won’t embarrass me。”Meng still looks at Zhao Ming,A look of determination flashed in my eyes。 Watching Meng still,Zhao Ming feels a little warm。 She deserves to be the woman he values,If it’s an ordinary woman,If you see him killing someone in the Great Arena,I’m scared […]