Summer and Gano each hold the sword。

The air machine on each body is constantly opening and closing。 They have already rolled up a layer of naked eye, visible dust and dead leaves.。 Murderous。 Ears Suo and Ear Jun Hao and Qinling,Far away,They are full of murder and downs on their faces.。 “They have already shot,Compete。” The ear of the ear launched […]

Chen Xiaojie nodded,Before two steps,Put your hand on the table。

A little thick,But if it is a small money,Be saver too little。 “Small http://www.zyxwq.cnheart is not tribute,Ask Mr. Liao not to resign。” Gaojin smile,Liao Wenjie first saved him unbelief,And then point in the prostitute,Finally, helpjaConstant。returning a Favour many times more,What way he doesn’t think of it?,Just take the most precious thing.。 See the high-spirited lighter,Liao […]

The sharp input of a sweeping screwdriver opened a chessboard!

White cheeks, weak wound links,High speed healing,Each wound is in light。 Luzhou also entered the second time period,No extra thinking time,Unfinished calculation map,Cappurious! Top hardware,Ingredient!The three lion of hell is forced to oppose the attitude of the deformity! Rush out、Far-long,Turn again,This white chess wounds on black chess.,Parasitic,More and more children,It turned into a cancer attached […]

I am afraid I have a problem.。

I also called Ye Fengchun.,Let Ye Fengchun be prepared early。 Ye Fengchun also didn’t think that Gong Hongyu will be so heavy.。 “Gong brother,Is Jin Xijie not still in the hospital??You are anxious?Just because they investigate you a wave,You are afraid of?” “Ye Boss,not like this,I feel that I will definitely be found in the […]

Ruan Jiahao certainly disdains Shen Huan’s old path。

He already had some questions about the three copybooks,Now that it’s the first one,Then he can definitely tell these doubts。 Talking,He holds a copy of his copybook,I walked to Dong Qichang’s copybook,Ask a waitress to expand。 “Everyone take a look at these two copybooks,Is there any difference?”Ruan Jiahao asked the nearby audience。 “Don’t understand!” A […]


Dark night sky,A meniscus,Lonely hanging sky,Faint cold moonlight,Sprinkle the earth。 In the Warcraft Mountains,The darkness is deeper,Only a faint bonfire next to it,Beating lightly,For this silent night,Bring a trace of warm light。 By the campfire,A teenager sitting on a tree trunk,By his side,The same girl sitting with her knees hugged。 Nalan flies on the other […]

Sometimes Shen Huan still feels,If two hostesses are the servants at home,,I can enjoy myself。

Ji Yinmei can cook some food by herself,Wang really doesn’t understand anything。 Last year,Shen Huan knew。 So even if Shen Huan is eating a nutritious meal,He will also cook for Wang Zhen and Zhang Yaya。 Especially Zhang Yaya,I like to eat Shen Huan’s food,She is young,Shen Huan will naturally follow her。 When Ji Yinmei just […]

This will bring a lot of employment opportunities to the local area,It can also create taxes for the local area,Drive economic development。

But it has been resisted by local villagers,No way to produce,Then it can only be closed。 Before closing,There is a pungent smell in a large area。 It’s not as strong now。 Half a year passed,Although the environment here cannot be said to be green mountains and green waters,But at least it’s normal。 Cement roads were […]

“No moments”In a barrier,Random,No rule of power in the world can be bound,This is the realm of the master alone。

No moment and no distance both sound the same,But the power used is completely different。No distance is similar to space,Close to the horizon,In a flash,Moments is the domain,Random,I am at ease。Where you are,Repel any force,Similar to Haotian’s Kingdom of God。 Without moments,Thunder was blocked three meters away from the Master。 A flash of thunder,Master and […]