“The junction of Qingshui and Yunshan,A part of the Yunshan branch is called Woyunling。“Wu Fang spit out the window,Continue,”Yuan Hua is injured,Can’t run。Old nowAI’m afraid people will be looking for him in the mountains and plains,No time wasted。”

That’s it,In order not to leave him and Qi Baozhu,Everyone was here for at least 20 minutes,This is extremely precious time to rescue Yuan Hua,Take a minute,Very dangerous,If it’s him, Li Tianyu himself,How to choose?Li Tianzheng silently,Moved and admired,I have a new understanding of Wu Fang and his team, “It’s easier now,What thanks、Fathead fish,I don’t […]

Just when Lin Feng and Tiger King came to the temple of Nether Temple.,Save a few golden big words among the voids。

“Siting your sister!”Tiger King spit a few words:“This white tiger out,I don’t know where to go.。” “No way?” A yellow golden big hunch rushed out of the water surface of the Nether,Direct spit out several words:“Also prepare to foam?” “Bubble,Bubble,Your sister is going to bubble,Don’t want to solve problems,Golden dragon,Come to help the boss。”Tiger King […]

“Deceive too much?”

Summer smiling,Extend a finger,Point his shoulder,“How to deceive you?!” Zhang Weiye’s mouth。 Being a young man,Let him angry and wrote,More is humiliating。 But I can only sleep dark,“You played me,Be in crime。” “Ha ha。” I can’t help but laugh in summer.,It’s just that the sound is cold.。 “Now I know the law.?I will go to […]

But also……She found me.。

Right,She just said that I have an agreement with your master.。” Her eyes are bright,“So to say,Your dead ghost master http://www.jsdongshang.cn knows her identity?” The good sound is not good, and the eyes are over.,“Rusher,I am still in front,You say that my master is not good.。” Say,What did she think of?,Suddenly,“Right,My master let me tell […]

Obsessed for a while,Cromwell Saint Magister exclaimed:“This should be a cultivation secret room opened by a strong man,Connected space turbulence,Our sensitivity to the elements is ten times stronger!”

“as far as I know,Countless status faces,Is actually in the turbulence of space,Such as the Magnolia Continental Plane,As long as one direction reaches the end……You can see the turbulence of space。” “The four supreme gods in the legend,Has opened up the four highest planes。The seven upper master gods,Also opened up the seven god planes。”Cromwell laughed,“Maybe […]

“you……sister……of,Don’t play a brother!”

Lin Feng can see that the tail of the golden big tack is slowly drawing out a few words in the bottom of the lake.。 “wipe,They run where people run?Do you have assuring these days??”Lin Feng wrote a word。 “have,But it was shocked。”Golden big snake draws a few words。 “All right,Not pulling with you,What needs […]

Looking at an unbelievable look。

Zhang Fan this expression……Will n’t really check the cancer?。 “Mr. Xia has left。”Sun Youde said with a mercy。 “Leave?Go,Where have you been??” “Don’t know。” Thud! Zhang Fan is squatting in front of Sun Yid,Crawn his legs,“Grandchildren,Thousands of mistakes are my fault.,I should not target Mr. http://www.shhongxiang.cn Xia,Shouldn’t question him,I beg you, can you let him […]

Donna smiled and said:“You brought me here, you really brought me right。I have a classmate who works right now,Some time ago we had a party,He accidentally said it,The original secretary of Hongchuanhe was transferred to other places,Temporarily vacant here,It’s like the head of the township Xu”

“Ah!What a jerk,The burden on my body is so heavy,He dared to gather a crowd to play cards when he was at work,It seems that when he met me, the head of the township had done it all”Xia Jian said very angrily。 At this time,Guo Meili rushed over with the camera。Xia Jianyi gestured,She took it。 […]

Even if Li Ming uses three forces,,Power comparable to the Lord of the Holy City,I guess it’s okay to get past the seventh floor。

Passing the eighth floor is only half possible。I’m afraid I won’t have a trace of confidence after passing the 9th floor! “Want to get past the ninth floor,Do you need the strength of the master class?!Even if the ancient emperor is extraordinary,But leaving a test of dominance is really incredible。” Like with Li Ming’s strength,If […]

If you don’t take advantage of now,Accelerate speed to solve this problem,How can you??

so now,Cantonese,Such a thing,In fact, it is,It is already just right.。 at this time,Others see here,Then I didn’t forget to talk about my eyes.。 “If this is really this,So next,Still need to be quick。” “Is this still used?,What else is waiting for?。” “Other things,Even if you continue to tangled here now,Itself,It’s not enough to turn […]