Brunei’s strongest CS team player: made 3500 yuan in two years
Member of the Brunei Goodfellas game team.Brunei, sustainable oil and gas has become one of the richest countries in the world.But Brunei’s e-sports industry is still as backward as many Southeast Asian countries, and there is not even a professional team.At the limit of the CSGO Asian Open Southeast Asian Division of Singapore offline, Goodfellas Gaming team from Brunei caught everyone’s attention.Team member Zeng Zhilong told the sauna, Yewang, “I played two games and only earned a prize of 3500 yuan.”A large number of companies in the team are willing to sponsor CS in China. It was ten years ago. The conversion of mobile games and MOBA games in recent years has been endless. CS has been a kind of historical and unpopular game.But Ni Xiaohao, manager of the Goodfellas Gaming team, said that CS is still in Brunei?A game for you.There are more than 25 CS teams in Brunei with a population of 430,000. Unfortunately, there is no professional team.Although Brunei people have a good standard of living, there are few entertainment projects.”We are the strongest team in Brunei, but no boss is willing to invest.”When it comes to his own team, Ni Xiaohao is very helpless.In Brunei, only some young people can play games, and most of the bosses are old and have little exposure to games.”They think it’s a waste of money, and more bosses want to invest in projects that will see benefits next month.”Because there is no funding, Ni Xiaohao can’t pay the player’s salary. He can only do his best to solve the accommodation and air tickets of the players every time he goes abroad to play the line and play.CSGO game screen of the extreme land.The reality of Goodfellas Gaming team, which has several dreams, reality and black and white, is very large. The biggest one is over 30 years old, and the youngest one is just 19 years old.The oldest player in the team is Kamil Faizzin, a Malaysian who has been playing for more than 5 years.The Goodfellas Gaming team will start online training at 7 o’clock every night, three to four days a week.There are 3 Malaysians in the team, but none of them live in Brunei.For example, Kamil Faizzin, who must travel for his livelihood, is a medical device salesman during the day and can only train with them at night.There are not many internet cafes in Brunei, and they prefer to go online at home.Now it is easier to form a team, after all, it can reduce expenditures.Compared with the Chinese team, their training time and professionalism are a lot worse, but Ni Xiaohao told the sauna, Yewang, they are already the most professional team in Brunei. “Many teams have temporary teams.The team disbanded after the game.”They are already the most professional team in Brunei.Two years and three thousand Zeng Zhilong also wanted to bet everyone in the team is looking forward to the future can rely on playing CS to earn living expenses, but only, no one can do it.Zeng Zhilong has been playing for two years and only earned 700 SGD (about 3500 RMB).Although Brunei ‘s welfare is better, most of the team members are not married, and there is no pressure on food, clothing, housing and transportation, but the money is not enough.After persevering for three or four years, the former team captain had to leave the team to work under the pressure of life.For this situation, Zeng Zhilong still did not give up, he wanted to be a professional player.In Brunei, this is a decision that requires courage.Zeng Zhilong gave himself a three-year four-year deadline, if he can achieve his goals to support himself, he will continue to be a professional player.If not, he can only give up his dream and return to life.E-sports has become a link for the development of Asia-Pacific countries and regions.The government support manager saw the career hope to reduce the excessive dependence on the oil and gas industry.Support development.In April this year, Brunei established the E-sports Association.Although there is no financial support, but this time to come to Singapore to participate in the competition, it is the government to apply for a vacation to their company or school, so that they can participate in the competition with pay.This has seen hope for the Goodfellas Gaming team.”We came to the game this time just to learn from other teams.”This Brunei team has been eliminated in the 6 into 4 game this time in the extreme Southeast Asia region, but the players did not feel lost because of it. They watched the other team’s games on the spot every day.”We have to come out to know that our team’s level is a certain kind, so we can improve.”In the mind of Ni Xiaohao, Brunei’s e-sports development level is at the bottom of the entire Southeast Asian region.Now he is willing to take the team to play around the country, is to quickly improve the team’s ability.Because he understands that only when winning glory for the country, the team can embark on a career path.At 10 o’clock on the night of September 8, Ni Xiaohao and the team placed the Malaysian team members sitting on the road in Singapore. There were not many vehicles on the road.They talked happily and could hear their hearty laughter from afar.Tomorrow morning, everyone will embark on a flight back home and return to life.But on this night, on the streets of Singapore, Ni Xiaohao seemed to see the future of professional gaming in Brunei.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Shujun editor Wang Xihuang proofread Liu Jun