The tall man couldn’t help being stunned when he heard this,Then shook his head,Don’t know。
“Let you open your eyes today,Listen well,This is the distinguished guest personally invited by Nangong Patriarch Nangong Xilian to eat at their home!I met in person that day,Young Master of Nangong Family,Nangong Yunxi personally acted as his driver!”Liu Menghui was full of arrogance when he said this,That look,As if the person invited by Nangong Xilian was him。
“Nangong Home?Which Nangong family?”The tall man looked blank。
“Which Nangong family can he have in Beijing??Are you dumb?”Liu Menghui frowned and said solemnly,“The current owner is in ·Central ·military ·The appointed one!”
The tall man was so scared that he swallowed,Calf trembling,Although he doesn’t understand Nangong’s family,But I heard Liu Menghui mentioned“in ·Central·military·Commission”Four words,So scared that I almost peeed my pants。
in·Central ·military· What concept,Trampling them to death is not like trampling on an ant?
“Now you guys know who the hell has offended?I told you this because of Hua Bin’s face,Thank you for having Lao Tzu here today,Otherwise you don’t know how you died!”Liu Menghui coldly hummed,He and Hua Bin have a good relationship on weekdays,So today, I helped Hua Bin indirectly,Otherwise the tall and strong man will be investigated,Will definitely hurt Hua Bin。
The tall man turned pale in fright,sweating a lot,Keep nodding to Liu Menghui,Vibrato:“Director Liu,Great grace,I don’t want to pay for it,Tiansheng Building,Brother,I must thank you and the China Bureau。”
“I’ll talk about this later,If you don’t want to die, go in and make amends for the one inside!”Liu Menghui said coldly。
The tall man nodded repeatedly,Then rushed in quickly,Bowed,Chongmo Xiaosheng said with a flat face:“Mr. Mo,Sorry,I don’t know Taishan,Bumped you,Don’t be familiar with me。”
Saying that he slapped his right cheek several times,Then he noticed Mo Xiaosheng’s jacket on the chair,Grabbed it in a hurry,I found out the thick sputum on my clothes just now,Said with a smile on his face:“I’ll lick it clean for you。”
After speaking, he lowered his head suddenly,Desperately licked the dried sputum。
The group of younger brothers behind him opened their mouths wide and dumbfounded,Oh my God,Is this their boss who is not afraid of anything??!
Mo Xiaosheng wanted to stop,But it’s too late,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled,The sputum is gone now,But the clothes are all drooling。
“Mr. Mo,You are not satisfied?”The tall man is slightly startled,Then immediately reacted,I slapped my mouth vigorously again,Self-care:“Damn i!Soiled your clothes,do not worry,I’ll order someone to buy you a new one。”
“no need,no need,I’ll give this dress to you,Don’t make trouble again。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly waved his hand,I wonder what Liu Menghui said to him,Make him so scared。