Although after compromise, he went further in his career because of Gu Mu’s relationship,but,Think of the original thing,There is still a thorn in my heart。
Gu Mu gave him the feeling that he was a nouveau riche with money,Not decent at all。
Apart from being upset with this person,And some fear。
Seeing this message from Guo Miaomiao,He is nervous again:“whats the matter,Sister Miao Miao,Can you give me an idea?”
In case something bad,What kind of choice do you want to force him to make,Like opening a back door or something,That would be bad。
What kind of strange behaviors the nouveau riche,He wouldn’t think it was strange。
“Brother-in-law said it was a good thing,Have a good chance to take care of you,But he didn’t tell me anything specific。”Guo Miao Miao Dao。
It’s good to hear,Fang Haocai don’t worry,Said:“I’ll be there in the afternoon。”
Noon,Ye Wenwen came back from the company,Eating together for two。
Fang Hao talked about Gu Mu’s past。
“Sister Miao Miao told me too,”Ye Wenwendao,“He wants you to go,You just go。Anyway,A blessing not a curse,Misfortune cannot be avoided。”
Fang Haodao:“I think so too。”
Ye Wenwen certainly doesn’t like Gu Mu even more。
She was forced by Gu Mu to give up her identity as Fang Hao’s girlfriend,Although still with Fang Hao,But I don’t have that name,When facing Guo Miaomiao,Always have some inferiority complex。
Even if you get an efficient company,She also felt that she was wronged a lot。