Shan Rou:“You are waiting at the door,I will take you to see Boss Gu。”
Fang Hao is waiting at the door,Not after a while,Shan Rou came to the gate,Bring him in。
Gu Mu lives in the Pearl Garden17Villa No.,Shan Rou is also afraid that Fang Hao doesn’t know where,So come and take him in。
The way past,Fang Hao asked in a low voice:“Sister Rou,What is the boss Gu asking me for?,What did he tell you?”
Still have some anxiety。
If Boss Gu wants to appreciate the chrysanthemum,Then no need to say anything,Turn around and leave。
Macho,Can sell hanging,Can’t sell chrysanthemum,This is the basic integrity。
He still has this bottom line。
“Said to watch your performance on the show,I want you to endorse the products of his company。”Shan Rou said。
Fang Hao was surprised and happy:“There is such a good thing?”
“Anyway, he told me that。”Single judo。
Walked a few steps,Fang Hao couldn’t help asking again:“Sister Rou……You and him are considered neighbors,Have you ever heard of his special hobbies?”
Shan Rou was taken aback:“What special hobby?”
“Just……Is he particularly interested in good-looking men??”Fang Haodao,“if that is true,I won’t go。”
Shan Rou chuckled,Tao:“What are you worried about?Never heard of him having such a hobby。I don’t know him very well,But I heard that his private life is still more prudent,Not like other wealthy people in a chaotic life style。”
Private life check。
Heard this evaluation,Fang Hao couldn’t help but stand in awe:“A rich man like him,Can also maintain a good life style,It’s not easy。”