NS133chapter:Want to find your biological parents?
Surprised a flash,He bright black,Don’t have deeply fell on http://www.szkssk.cn the body of Blue Xin。
“Hao Jun,I have never seen you have taken a woman here.,This lady is who is?”Sound sweetheart,As the water beads in the morning,Gently drop the pool in the water。
Lu Haocheng looked down at him.,With his entry,This room also became suppressed。
He calm:“Hurry and handle things on your hand,Make a beautiful hairstyle for the blue blue。”
Finish,He indicates the lounge waiting for Blue Xin to go to the side.。
Lin Biao looked at the back of the two people,Surprised laugh。
Wannian iron tree is going to bloom?
immediately,He hurresses the hairstyle of the guests in front of him.,If it is delayed,Lu Hao Cheng’s ice face is not good。
Enter the lounge,Blue Xin is a bit tired to sit on the leather sofa。
This whole day,More tired than her class。
But after doing the spa,She feels http://www.dg523.cn that her skin is slippery.,More brightening skin tone。
today,She also enjoyed the benefits of rich people.,I feel very comfortable.。
suddenly,Blue Xin was shrouded by a black shadow,Blue Xin suddenly lifted,Looking at Lu Hao,The black-litter necropsy is slightly shrinkage。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,The evil charm hooks the lips,Gentle:“Blue,Drink water!”
“thanks!”Blue Xin’s hand,Take the slight shake from his hand to take a paper cup。
The hands of the two collides together,Blue Xin’s finger is cool,Lu Haocheng is not frowning,Not yet in autumn,Her finger why is cold??
Lan Xin bowed,Drink warm water,Lu Haozheng stands around her,She feels an invisible pressure around it.,Let her breathe difficulties。
Lu Haocheng drunk a water,Profound gaze,Soft fell on her little face with a slightly nervous face,That pair http://www.nagogo.cn of deep black,From beginning to end,Watch the expression of the girl’s face。
She seems to be afraid of him,actually,In front of her,He has made himself peaceful time.。
“Blue,Things for you when you are childhood,Do you really remember at all??”Lu Haocheng wants to find some topics,Strue atmosphere between two people。
Blue Xin is lifting,Looking quite shockedly,Why is she interested in her childhood??
She only randedly mentioned the last time.。
She shook her head slowly,Say:“If I can have a little memory,I can find my previous yourself.,It is also very likely to know who your biological parents are.?”
Blue Xin’s mind,I remembered that Lu Haochong asked her today.,“Want to find your biological parents??”
actually,This sentence,Let her feel。
She really wants to know who her own parents are?
“Blue,I can help you。”Lu Haocheng suddenly opened。
Blue Xin looked at her,His deep fund,It is seriously serious from an unprecedented。
Blue Xin smiles,immediately,She shook his head,Say:“Continental,thank you for your kindness,this matter,I will find ways to find out。”
She doesn’t want to have too many intersections with him.,Solitize the disaster。
She also has to take salary from Lu Haocheng,Her children still have some moms?。
actually,As long as Tao Mengyi is telling her truth,She can also find her own biological parents soon.。
But she knows,Toweli’s personality,Will it tell her?。
Lu Haocheng saw her refused,Face is cold,Bottom of the heart,It is like the same thing to lose the world.。
NS134chapter:You are too exaggerated.