Summer smiling,Extend a finger,Point his shoulder,“How to deceive you?!”
Zhang Weiye’s mouth。
Being a young man,Let him angry and wrote,More is humiliating。
But I can only sleep dark,“You played me,Be in crime。”
“Ha ha。”
I can’t help but laugh in summer.,It’s just that the sound is cold.。
“Now I know the law.?I will go to Nima.,Laozi tells you the truth,You have to pay your fist with Laozi,Now Laozi tells you fist,Your special code will follow Laozi。”
Hour time,Summer grace his collar,“Now I want you to,do you have any opinion?”
Zhang Weiye stared at each other,The scorpion flashed in a panic,Faced,“I have kill me.!”
He doesn’t doubt it.。
If you are really mad,Go out……I don’t dare to continue to think about it.。
This occasion,Can only support tough。
Summer opening,His eyes sweeping in the back of Liu Qingqing and Qinling,Switch to see summer,Accelerate。
“Unless you kill me,otherwise,I swear,You and your friends,Will not have a good end。”
Summer is first,Spirate。
Next second。
A fantastic flesh is suddenly。
Ame,Directly put Zhang Weiye to fight。
And not finished。
Not waiting for him to react,Needle has been buckled,A strong force force in front of him。
A bombardering of his chest and abdomen,Cool sound,“Since you want to die……”
This hit this,Rapidly,Heavy terrible。
Zhang Weiye’s body is like a cooked lobster general bow.,The whole person is even more fierce。
The feet are completely separated from the ground.。
Not waiting for him to land,His neck,Has been robbed in a strong five-finger。
The whole person is held in the summer.。
Zhang Weiye’s face,Distortion because of severe pain,Panqing due to suffocation,Two legs are in the air。
“Laozi is all today.。”Until this time,The latter half of the summer said out。
NS1067chapter I am your wife.
Everything happens too fast。