Make good relationships and understand potential language of colleagues

1. At the weekend, colleagues made an appointment to go on an outing together without telling you.

This shows that they don’t like you. You may be too close to your boss and you will be separated from the crowd. Everyone is afraid that you will betray them.

Or maybe your job is so good that it is often praised by your boss and has caused colleagues to be jealous of fraud.

This reminds you to get closer to your colleagues as soon as possible.

  2. Colleagues in the office often whisper together, and they won’t speak as soon as you approach.

This shows that they must be discussing your exclusive rights, whether your relationship with your boss is ambiguous, whether your boss’s ownership has been exposed, your private life and makeup, and what’s wrong with your dress?

Examine your private life to find the focus of their discussion.

Of course, you can also ask one of you who has a closer relationship with you to drink tea to understand the crux.

  3. Your colleagues have vilified you behind your back, but you haven’t found any fault yourself, your boss often praises you.

This shows that you are a very capable personal hero in the office, always cooperating and communicating with colleagues.

The office is a collective, and it is bound to be cold-shouldered to go for it alone.

If you go on like this, you will soon be isolated.

  4. Colleagues often tell you personal privacy and dissatisfaction with your boss.

This shows that you are a very prestigious employee in the office, and it is easy to be led by other people and your boss to lead the gang. If your work performance is mediocre, your job will be lost.

  5. A colleague took her daughter to the office, but did not introduce you.

This shows that she thinks you are too weird and doesn’t want her daughter to contact you. Maybe you haven’t cared about other colleagues’ families before.

You should take the initiative to talk to the daughter of a colleague and to communicate the relationship with the colleague.