Wang Xing was so angry that the veins came out,Don’t talk to Shui Qianyu。
Otherwise,He still fetched water and rain?
I just teased Shen Huan’s two teachers,I have some scalp tingling after seeing this,Hurry up decision,Can’t talk anymore。
“Shen Huan,You are waiting here!When I have to fulfill my promise later,Hope you look like a man!”Wang Xing left a word,Ran away in a hurry。
Shui Qianyu asked Shen Huan what happened,The boy naturally told her。
She immediately said:“Then I have to wait to see that guy make a fool of myself。”
He Qiang smiled aside,“Little sister,Your confidence in Shen Huan is so strong?”
“This is my math teacher,Good for me。”Shen Huan quickly said in advance,Lest Shui Qianyu pass directly。
Hear this,Shui Qianyu immediately showed a sweet smile:“teacher,Shen Huan works very hard on weekdays,I often see him doing math problems alone at night!You have to give him advice,Make him more successful!”
He Qiang was very pleased when he heard it。
No wonder Shen Huan has improved so fast,It turns out that people work very hard in private。
So to speak……
Isn’t it this time that Shen Huan really came out after finishing it??
Think of here,He Qiang can’t take care of replying to Shui Qianyu,Asked directly:“Xiaohuan,Is this problem difficult??How many points can you get?”
“Not too difficult。”Shen Huan thought about it,Decided to be humble:“I guess I can get80Points above。”