“come on,Wife!”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“come on,husband。”Bee Snow。
The two are tightly hugged together,After a moment, Lin Feng wore clothes,The latter gate is on the door.,When coming to the gate,The golden big snake has awakened,This is swallowed with a smog.,A pair of golden scorpions stare at zombies。
Zombie seems to be angry,But I didn’t move this guy.。
“Big brother’s light color。”Dongxing laughs:“Can’t help you。”
“Your sister。”Lin Feng said:“boarding,Golden dragon,Don’t provoke this guy,Be careful that he peeks your skin.,And your blood。”
“wipe!”Golden big snake,It seems to say。
“Snake brother,I have already prepared a night light painting on this car.,it’s here。”Dongxing seems to see that the golden big puppet can’t speak,Immediately got it on a plate road on the inner glass。
This nightlight board is about one meter long,Half-meter wide,Fixed on glass。
“Dongxing,This line is not,It seems that you can paint with your fingers.。”Lin Feng looked at the night light painting board laughing。
“rest assured,I let several brothers find a few snakes experiments.,No problem。”Dongxing whispered。
“it is good,This way。”Lin Feng smiled and launched:“Golden Brother,Try a few words。”
Golden big python controls the tail,Tooth on the luminous picture board,Sure enough, several words appeared on the night light.:“Your sister,Where to get this monster!”
“high!”Big flying and Xu Wenqiang two have thumbs up,Between the two talks,Dongxing is sitting on the driver’s seat。
“This is coming back from the mountainous area.。”Lin Feng is sitting in the golden big python.。
“Your zombie is too heavy.,You can eliminate the corpses on him.,This will walk in the crowd.,Otherwise, the people must be induced,Will be very troublesome。”Golden big snake draws a few big characters。
“Ruby corpse?Why didn’t I feel??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“You are shallow,Of course, induct。”Golden big pyra:“I can feel,But I am not repaired than you.,But my talent。”
“How to remove the corpse?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Feeding with your blood。”Golden big pyra:“Your blood is now looking forward to,Yin and yang is almost in the perfect balance,If this zombie absorbs your blood,The yin and yang in his body will gradually become balanced.,The corpse naturally disappears,It’s like a normal person’s body.。”
“I rubbed!”Lin Feng wrote a word:“Your way is reliable?”
“I rubbed,Your sister,Love does not believe。”Golden Rattle Snake Lazy Waiting for Lin Feng,Directly lick a smoke。
Big fly and Xu Wenqiang a burstless,They really doubt that this snake body is hidden with an old scorpion.。
“it is good,I believe,But after the task of this time, you will then raise it.。”Lin Feng is cold:“Yangtze River you know not?”
“I certainly know,My old home is in the Yangtze River。”Golden Big Pyra:“You don’t want to hide the trace from the waterway。”
“good,The people who are destroyed are very large.,We can’t afford,They are too deceived,I can’t help but,Want to do this kind of Wang Ba Lambia。”Lin Feng nodded:“So, we will come back from the waterway.。”
“completely fine,Good tobacco good wine。”Golden Big Pyra。
“no problem,Golden Brother。”Lin Fenghao:“Establish a winery immediately,Let’s make the best wine,The factory man is you,Your controlling。”
“I rubbed!”Big fly,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang three people sweaty,A snake,This http://www.wangxuqing.cn is a bit troublesome when you register.。
A snake in the car,Four men swallowed vomiting fog to airport,After coming to the airport, Daxi directly made a hand feet on those monk planes.,And the people who landed in the godsg999Flying to Southwest China。
It is getting bright in the sky,Zhongzhou International Hotel,A woman’s screaming sound in a presidential suites,It can be said that night and night。
A super large bed,Three middle age monk,Longjing Tiger,I am fighting three things tall,Long phase enchanting woman,The sound of the scream is from the woman’s throat.。
In addition to these three women,Six women are also lying on the sofa of the living room.,However, the six women have been coma.,There is no clothes on your body。