From Zhangjia,Turn back to my home,Stand at the gate,Wang traffic is settled,Looking at the familiar home,Psycho。

He is more and more mixed.,But this hometown is still broken.,This is like a dog that is smashed by a dog.,Actually didn’t change? I have said to him before I have to cover my home.,Money he gave it,Actually, I haven’t flipped now.? Is it not willing to spend money?? It seems that this is still […]

Another shot head?

This special……Who dares to believe? Wu Xiuxiu and Xue Qing have opposed an eye.,I have seen the incredible colors in the eyes of each other.。 Two consecutive people,Twice,Use a big spray,It’s thinking about it.,It is a little terrible.。 “Xuan Ge,You can force you.!” Wu Xiuxiu couldn’t help but erected a thumbs up,“I thought you were […]

The scorpion is so awakestable.,Ambient,I feel that the unhamined voice around me is representing anything.。

Her brain,I remembered the scene at the door of the bathroom. ,Aware of it in danger。 “Ah……”Suddenly looked at Yang Xue’s horrible,She called her horror.。 Also shocked the man sitting in a smoke to wearing a cap。 Men’s smoke,Migraine looks,The gloomy and terrible eyes fall in the beautiful little face,A pair of horror is especially […]

certainly,General tour,It can’t enter the Dharmair,智 智 是 禅 空 空 闻、Air、Wise,This is coming to the ridiculous repair。

Originally he wants to come to Shaolin,But the initial one of his thoughts is,Come to Shaolin——Technical pressure Shaolin! However, on the way,He got a young man…… At first he saw the young man,my own“Luohan body”Faint resonance,Also is a small man of Shaolin,on the way“ambush”Own。 So active forward with the other party…… After all, I will […]

“There is also this matter?Boy,Don’t blow。”The knife king heard a slight surprise。

“Ha ha,of course it’s true,I didn’t have long for me to come to the Milay Temple.,Knife king,The position of my host is grabbed.,Xian Tianjian is present in the field,Be different。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“Later, Xian Tianjian held a full meeting of merits.,Let me collect people’s soul,Resolution。” “This damn thing!”King Wang Wen Yan Yan Sen。 “Xian people […]

She quitred a lot of years without long aging.,Then the wooden pill is on。

I don’t know what I think.,I actually ran to this teacher.。 Professional knowledge in her medical care,When a teacher, there is no problem。 Also because it is a teacher of Quan Hao,Many people have registered her class.。 It is this hot personality that makes human hurt.。 “They are still small,Don’t be so impatient。。。。” “Wow,Let […]

I immediately passed the song immediately.。

This is a village folk song,Singer’s sound quality is beautiful,It is like a scorpio。 But when I sang halfway,Accompaniment,Suddenly, the continuous reflection sound……This is also a kind of accompaniment。 However, when I heard this sound,Alice’s eyes were suddenly awkward。 Next second,Eye light flashes。 This look,Just like a snoring,Sladad wake up。 “call。” Alice is deeply spit […]

A bottle of fairy springs in his hand is invaluable.,100,000 yuan, he feels too cheap.,The other party actually disadvantaged。

However, this result is no unexpected.,Because when he just came back, he saw several experts in the roots of the peach tree.,But for the bugs inside, these experts can’t solve it.。 I have studied when he was observed.,These bugs have a strong regenerative ability,Just like it, it can be used as two as long as […]

Luo and Lizuo Zhuo were slammed,And the two want to interrupt the idea of swordsman footsteps,Therefore, it is temporarily stranded。

but……What to say,The sword demon is hard to retreat.。 In-depthG2Flat type,It has been caught in this time.G2Among the surroundings of everyone。 G2Other all people,It’s all consciously close to him.,The skills on the body are also crazy, and they are unfortunately.。 “theshyAlso enter,G2Here……” “Two paragraphs of swordsmanQKnock,Harmful……” “IGI still want to fight here.……” The sound […]


Someone is faster than him。 When Griffin shot at the moment,I did notice the ending.。 Because he faced an overlord。 I have seen Torlan, I have been crazy about killing in the summer.! Flame! Residual。 噼噼Flaw 脆 响 不 知 从 从 从。 Griffin still doesn’t know what is going on,Just feel that the chest […]