the Soviet Union Yiyi quite frank.

  Su Yiyi also worried for him: “Why do not you try?I heard pepole primary school entrance examination if they can do well, it has a tuition waiver.”The fact that tuition relief projects there are many bars, what country a few class athletes, municipal roll student, contest prizes, etc., but these have nothing to do with […]

can not help but frown Back.

  Moreover, the “poor man must cheeky,” Pei Yifei after the father left, grown a lot, he clearly saw Grandma’s hard, it is also extremely considerate of him, she wants to share.   With that in mind, Pei Yifei without any hesitation, he began to dry up the campus, off-campus work scavenger, with a large bag every […]

ke her son to accompany a while.

  Then he watched his son al广州桑拿网one so, walk around, or even want to find a partner have no idea, he does not even like his own life when, like life, fascinated by the variety of extreme sports, what bungee jumping, Gordon peak, and everything to do, like burning their own general madness.   State of the […]

s eat the bones of the residue left.

  Who knows, A late pro-uncle ret杭州桑拿洗浴urned from the field, do not know where to find a □□, I went to the mountains inside, a few months as a full search.   Wolf was found late adoption Ah, Ah late that would be almost a year old, and A late uncle found him, he was snapped a […]

olished, became district, surreptitiously found the old man used to know, to realize that his mother had died, and his son is actually taught, started his own company.

  Original body again please help each other to conceal, to pay respects to his mother, then far outside squatting in his son’s company for a few days, after finally seeing adult son, that heart, quivered, in fact two father and son even on the eye, but it nearly two decades, respectively, have been difficult for […]

his place, while staying grandson, while doing odd jobs to make money, it’s her people are housekeeper, but also very long-term vision, not just look at the front, also pondered the future, great grandson, they have to get married and have children, they also possessor of so buttoned neatly and grandson.

  The former head of the body to another, his footsteps, is indeed stepped over the river north and south, for the first year, four Looking back on the opportunity to “get rich”, the same work, but also want to shop around to find a good home, There’s nothing out social experience, he also cheated several […]

to the field, and later lost news.

  Kurtis like this, in a local living in, how much you know most of the people around, I do not know when, why, rumors began to spread about the original body, someone jokingly said, the original body of man is useless, if not he is useless, how even his wife did not want him to […]


  After several sleepless nights, Pei Yifei decided to follow that information, to find his father that abandoned him ten years, promising to how the news was not wrong, he soon found his father, when he went to when his father happened t杭州夜网论坛o be hosting a wedding, he saw another little boy riding on his father’s […]

ar” at the time where Yiyi and how promising clashed repeatedly shot, protect he later took even managed to start the development of the cause, and how promising entrepreneurial companies, the last a lose-lose so much noise, these get in the way he acts, promising to be the heart of what his opinion is growing, even teeth, look for a private detective to investigate from him, bent completely remove this stumbling block.

  He wound up tangled Yiyi heart, not because she also hung two, just how promising personality “strange” hours witnessed the derailment of his mother, full of mistrust for the feelings, when in love, still worry about the outcome, several to give back the initiative to say, plus a combination of both, will make parents embarrassed […]

i Wu ditch at the same time, take care of each other, then in junior high school, the Soviet Union Yiyi into the local pepole high school, and Pei Yifei through the allocation, to six, although separate, but they still maintain contact, Su Yiyi when being bullied at school, he was always a timely manner, of course, then there is little bad feeling, but the two have the same dilemma, had experience each other’s feelings, cheer for each上海夜网 other, this sympathetic, let two people It has been the friend can go through anything.

  Later, Yiyi surname Su Ho, Ho entered the home, but also Pei Yifei after graduating from middle school, secondary school directly read, to learn the aftermarket, the two roads already are poles apart, but can not completely cut 上海夜网off this friendship , every time He Yiyi been wronged, unhappy things encountered, will talk with Pei […]