5 ways to create a swan-like elegant neck

The beautiful neck of a swan is the pride of a woman.

Beautiful neck woman, noble and elegant.

Yoga, simple and effective postures help the health of the cervical spine and make the neck beautiful.

Come with beauty and health!

  Recommended posture: quasi-one posture ● Simple yoga posture.

  ● Inhale, cross your fingers with your palms into a fist, push against your chin, and push your head and neck back.

  Exhale and let your fingers cross your fingers behind your head to help lower your downward sag.

  Recommended posture 1: Fish-style ● In the lotus position (normal sitting posture), with both hands straight into the hip side.

  ● Bend your elbows flat and support the ground, lying on your back.

Reverse the entire spine, making the head Baihui point to the ground.

  ● The center of gravity slowly shifts to recovery, with both elbows off the ground, hands folded on the chest, and fingertips pointing towards the top of the head.

  ● Control this posture for more than 10-15 seconds.

Relax on your back.

  Recommended posture type 2: Tiger style ● Kneeling down, hands, knees shoulders wide.

The arms and thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

The back remains straight.

  ● Inhale, lift your back, and lift your tip leg off the ground, so that your head is close to your head.

  Exhale, lower the spine, lift the slightly rearranged legs backwards and upwards, and bring your lower legs back toward the top of your head and your head and neck back.

  ● Swap the other leg to complete the pose.

Each action is controlled for more than 15 seconds.

  Recommended posture 3: Squat-head style ● Sit on your knees above your toes, touch your forehead to the ground, and bend your elbow to touch the ground.

  ● Inhale, lift forward, assist with both hands, and start rolling forward from the forehead, so that the head Baihui points reach the ground.

Jaw recovery.

  Exhale, shift the center of gravity to the back of the cervical spine, and relax the shoulders and arms.

  ● Breathe evenly.

Control posture for 15 seconds.

  Recommended posture 4: Ostrich pose ● Stand your legs apart.

  Exhale, bend your body forward, do not bend your legs, and hook your big toe with your index finger.

  ● Inhale, tilt your head and neck backwards, press down your back as much as possible, and extend the spine downward.

  Exhale, bend your elbows, lower your head, and try to stay close to your knees.

Control posture for more than 15 seconds.