[Can I eat carrots with Chinese medicine]_Carrots_Chinese herbal medicine_Can I eat them?

Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular. Many people choose Chinese medicine to condition their bodies when they are sick. Carrots are very common food in life, but it is recommended not to eat carrots after eating Chinese medicine, because carrots will reduce the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

1. Carrots should not be eaten when drinking Chinese medicine. Although carrots are the most commonly eaten food in life, the combination of different foods may cause adverse reactions, so I hope everyone can follow these principles in their daily diet.Better for body health.

Nourishing traditional Chinese medicine is not to eat radish. Tonic traditional Chinese medicine nourishes the whole body with qi and blood, while radish has the effect of breaking Qi, which will greatly reduce the nourishing effect. Therefore, radish is not eaten during the use of nourishing Chinese medicine.

2. Do not eat white radish while drinking Chinese medicine. Do not eat white radish when taking Chinese medicine (except for qi-eliminating phlegm), because white radish has effects such as digestion and breaking gas, especially when taking nourishing Chinese medicine such as ginseng, eat white radish.Radish will reduce the effect of the tonic, which can make up for the effect of the tonic and can not achieve the purpose of treatment.

3. Other taboos of drinking Chinese medicine 3.

1. Greasy: This type of food includes animal fats and supplements, fried hard solid foods.

Greasy damage to the spleen and stomach, so those exogenous diseases, jaundice, diarrhea should be contraindicated.

Deep-fried and fried foods are hard, hot and difficult to digest, and those who are chronically ill and “hot” should not eat.


2. Fishy fish: These foods are mostly salty and fishy, and contain foreign proteins, which can easily cause allergic reactions. Eating too much can easily hurt the spleen and stomach and induce diseases. Therefore, people with spleen and stomach disease should not eat more, especially allergies.It is even more inedible.

This type of food includes yellow croaker, carp, belt fish, mussels, shrimp, crabs, etc. Carp, sardines, catfish, yellow croakers, crabs, and yellow mud snails are most likely to cause allergies.

Fishy foods are also hair products.


3, cold type: This kind of food is cold and cold, the main role is to clear heat and quench thirst, so it is suitable for heat syndrome diseases.

However, it is easy to affect the rehabilitation function, so those with debilitating constitution and patients with chronic diseases should be contraindicated.

Such as white radish cold, with the effect of digestion, phlegm, and qi, if the constitution deficiency and metabolic disease patients eat it, wouldn’t it be cold and add cold, the metabolic function is worse.

In addition, when taking ginseng and other nourishing medicines at the same time, the radish and ginseng should not be taken together due to the evil nature of the medicine, which can reduce or eliminate the effect of the tonic.