Tmall plans to incubate up to 50 flagship stores with turnover exceeding 10 billion yuan in two years
On May 12, Alibaba confirmed to Sauna and Yeenet that the company ‘s vice president Hu Weixiong recently announced at the Tmall Annual Conference Top Talk 2020 that Tmall will accumulate and incubate 30 to 50 companies with a turnover of more than 100 billion in the next 2 years.Flagship store.Hu Weixiong said at the conference that Alibaba will upgrade its flexible transportation products, new product innovation, store live broadcasting, fully interconnected operations and new retail strategies.Make-up has benefited from this. The penetration rate of this category has increased from 5% to 40% in the past four years, and may reach 50% in the future.Hu Weixiong said that the brand on this track may achieve high growth in advance.Not only cosmetics, Oreo and VANS also benefit from pioneering new products and new categories.During the new crown epidemic, Oreo cooperated with the Tmall New Product Innovation Center to shorten the time to enter a new category and promote an 85% increase in the entire brand.VANS uses Tmall’s selection logic to choose the main online promotion from 36 colors.In addition, expanding the crowd and online and offline fully interconnected operations will also help mature brands enter the incremental market.Bosideng has opened 4,800 offline stores to Tmall flagship stores, recruiting hundreds of thousands of new members in a single month.Tmall announced that it will focus on store live broadcasts to promote urban warehouse construction and intra-city distribution services.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liang Chen Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling