Yao Ming is the anchor, explaining shooting skills and childhood issues online
“I Sports,” Basket “Can’t Hold” Online Sports Open Class, Yao Ming teaches the first class.Figure / CBA League CBA League official to help primary and secondary school sports classes, launched the “I Sports,” basket “can not live” online sports open class, today the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, CBA League Chairman Yao Ming opened the first class.He mentioned the unforgettable moments of his personal basketball career, imparting knowledge on shooting techniques and challenging 45 seconds of fun shooting.Yao Ming recalled playing basketball when he was a kid, and laughed that he also skipped classes and truancy for fun.He said that the third grade is training 2 hours a day in an acute sports school. “I have more physical education classes than others.Sometimes skipping classes and training, playing with friends, saying a set to the school, and a set to the parents, and finally no longer.”Yao Ming said.In Yao Ming’s player era, he focused on youth physical education, founded the “Yao Fund”, built Hope Primary School, and even went to teach in person.He was also impressed by a basketball captain he promoted: “He is more lively and even naughty on the team.The basketball court needs some of these factors to stir up the atmosphere of the entire team.At the same time, let him be the captain also cultivate his sense of responsibility.”As the focus of this lesson, Yao Ming taught the five main points of shooting: ① right hand shot and right foot in front; ② palms open without touching the ball, relying on the fingers to exert force; ③ left hand naturally holds the ball; ④ shooting depends on the” feel “; ⑤Focus on the three fingers of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger.In addition, he also challenged the fun shooting in 45 seconds-grabbing water bottles, paper cups, table tennis, and even socks, etc., to shoot into the bamboo basket on the ground, shooting 9 times in 45 seconds.Yao Ming also took the opportunity to teach a little knowledge about the history of basketball development and introduced that the original basketball game used baskets with peaches. This time I experienced the fun, not the “aftertaste of history” feeling.From next week, Lin Chaohao, Guo Ailun, Sun Yue, Zhai Xiaochuan, Shen Zijie, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Shaojie 7 CBA players will join the Chinese female basketball player Shao Ting and the Chinese three basketball men ‘s national team player Li Haonan to bring the bandCome to a professional basketball training class.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Han Shuangming Proofreading Wu Xingfa