But in front of the outside,She is the blood emperor http://www.zyfpay.cn that does not to invade!
She step forward,Summer that stops ready to shoot,That’s one slap.,Heavy hand shadow in blonde youth,Let him be shocked again,Can’t avoid。
Crispy and more,Let the blonde youth tears,I was flying again.,Heavy 上。
“Fax,Man,Give me the woman!I want to throw her lush clothes.……”
Blonde youth angry,He has been humiliated,It is not imaginable for him to be tied to him.。
Fall into the voice,Rear rushing more than a dozen。
Victoria is cold,Connected in the eyes,Turn on flashing and smoothes。
However, at this time。
What kind of news has been received by blonde youth?,Angered anger,Behighful after a glimpse,Turn big eyes。
Next second。
He suddenly drunk,“Stop!Stop,Give me a hand!”
In fact,Those people have not rushed to the past,Now quickly stop,Doubtful looking at blonde youth。
“let’s go!”
He watched it in Victoria,Turn away。
Victoria is refused to briefly,It’s a slap in the sky.,Blonde youth is http://www.ruihejade.cn once again flying,The handsome cheeks swollen,The wolf fell on the ground。
“I don’t speak today.,You take a try?”
“Don’t say it is you,It is the owner behind you now come out.,This emperor will scorak his head!You ask him, don’t dare to appear!”
The cold sound is not high,It is domineering。
especially‘This emperor’Two words,Let Noba’s deck smashed。
Nine big hegemony,Dare to call this,Only one person。
Blood emperor!
Blonde youth face is awkward,The heart is deeply afraid。
He is looking forward to the right side of the right side.,But there is no moving quiet there.。
Spin,He slowly transferred,A tracery,“Respect,Dear blood emperor,I,I don’t know if you are,I……”
Victoria pulled a chair and sat down,Hook your finger,“come here。”
This kind of dispatch has astishing all over the http://www.sztcpzcwvrssxx.cn face。
At the same time, they also remembered some rumors about the blood emperor.。
If you use two sentences to summarize,That is……Blood emperor is very bored,Don’t mess with her。
Be right。
She stands almost in the peak,Live world is still,So really boring。
That is the true mood,Some things are not in the eyes of her eyes.,But some kind of chicken fry,She is very true。
So much,She seems to have found fun things。
Blonde youth is shocked to come over,No longer arrogance。
This woman is definitely a man in front of you.,Don’t say it is him.,It is the nine big hegens, no one is willing to enlarge.。