Right,Like him,Since people die,It also means that there is no role。
But use the remaining value。
“According to the news we get,Summer did not return to Beijing,But back to Qinghai。”
Toned,Liuhe Mountain seems to have a good explanation,“grown ups,Summer and summer home have hatred,I want you to know,His mother’s Xia Jiu has been murdered around the world,And Xia Jia is the beginning,Maybe summer is not for you,Because Xia http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn Ming is the goal of him must kill。”
“These don’t have you to say。”
Koofan interrupted him,Cold and cold,“You are now with people to Qinghai,Give me the summer,I then then!”
Liuhe Mountain,Hurry,“Be!I will do it now.。”
International airport。
Qinling looked at the bustling people,A little excitement in a pair of eyes。
She is deeply spit out of a breath,Whisper,“master,Then I am……Really gone.。”
Still with her side。
The old man looks like a good eye,Noodle,There is a red scorpion on his eyebrows.,Be able to see,He is also a big handsome guy when he is young.。
“Let it go。”
The old man laughed huh,“We have been agreeable before,The overlord challenge is your trial,Since you pass,So next is a reward。”
Toned,Swift,“but……If it is serious,You are actually cheating this time.,And speculative,Calculate,If you don’t let you go back,Your heart http://www.hyraxoil.cn is not coming,Hurry。”
Qinling sweet smile,The beautiful face is full of excitement,“I’m leaving。”
“Go back。”
I am afraid that no one thinks,Many people and powerful 鹜,For Qinling,Just a trial。
Qinghai Affiliated Middle School。
I ran out in shape,I smiled and smiled far away.,“Summer uncle……”It is Fangxiang。
Summer standing on the street,Play hands。
It’s another time.,Fangxiang seems to finally get rid of the shadow。
The whole person is filled with youth。
When I arrived,Fang Xiang parents holding summer arms,Some small blame,“Summer uncle,I went to the capital of Beijing.,I can’t see you.,Everyone said that you went to work.,I don’t dare to call you.。”
Summer haha smile,揉 揉 揉 her head,“I want to fight in the future.,it’s OK,But sometimes it may not beaten。”
http://www.fsjllt.cn “Really?”
When Fang Xiangton exposes a surprise。
“of course it’s true。”
Summer big hand,“Walk,Let’s go find Iranian,Eating meal together,Today we stay in Qinghai,Tomorrow, go back to Jingcheng。”
Yunno has nodded,Happy,“Io will sometimes find me.,One day noon,I also take me to school.,I have also seen her a lot of friends.。”