Passing the eighth floor is only half possible。I’m afraid I won’t have a trace of confidence after passing the 9th floor!
“Want to get past the ninth floor,Do you need the strength of the master class?!Even if the ancient emperor is extraordinary,But leaving a test of dominance is really incredible。”
Like with Li Ming’s strength,If we put a similar test with the formation method,Maybe it can barely match the peak Daoist,But to‘test’Peak Taoist,Still a lot worse。
As the eternal fire on the spiral channel fades,The passage to the seventh floor is opened。
Li Ming recovers some mana,Walked up slowly。
Sixth Floor of Guyu Tower,Li Ming is facing a full hundred-foot-long Fire Jiao clone。
Facing the obviously huge flame dragon,Except for not using the three forces in one method,Li Ming can be said to do everything。
Ultimate formation、Supernatural power burst、Heart world!
Try many methods one by one。
The most,Li Ming formed a large array of water through the ultimate array,Directly lead from the chaos to form a vast river。
《Qinghe Water Dragon Formation》,It is also a peak Daojun-level formation hidden in the Immortal Palace of the Dao League,Powerful!
For a while,Directly suppress the clone of the eternal fire 蛟,He is also a magical Secret Art doing his best to shoot。
Fought hard for three quarters of an hour,Li Ming just smashed this firefly。
Sixth Floor of Guyu Tower。
Li Minggang entered,I saw that firefly clone。
Compared to the firefly clone on the first six floors,The aura of this seventh firefly clone is extremely strong,Is close to his deity。
And this seventh-level fire scorpion didn’t directly fight as before.,Instead he spoke。
“What a great little guy,Can actually make it through the sixth floor。According to my master,Can break through the sixth layer,Your strength is afraid that you should be ranked first in the endless territory.!”