Analysis of the important signals hidden in the baby’s dream

[Introduction]Psychologists advise that parents should take their children’s dreams seriously, listen patiently, ask carefully, and learn more about the details of the dream.

Some new works by German psychologist Georg Fink have deciphered the mysteries of children’s dreams and analyzed important signals hidden behind various dreams.

Dreaming of the abyss: Dodging it when dreaming of the abyss shows that he can’t solve the problem.

If he dreams of falling into the abyss, he feels lonely and no one takes care of him.

Dreaming about the mountain peaks: If the climbing is difficult, it means that the child is worried that he or she will not be able to complete an assignment.

If he doesn’t reach the peak, it means he feels overburdened and has no spare energy.

Dreaming of the clown: The circus of the child, the apex of the harlequin in acrobatics is the image of crying and laughing.

Dreaming of the harlequin is that he doesn’t know if the world around him really knows him.

Dreaming of the dragon: Fighting the dragon in the myth is a struggle of inner feelings, or the child subconsciously thinks that the parents are urging him to study too much pressure.

Dreaming of food: Dreaming of food can be said to have a total of spiritual food, which means that you can easily complete your studies.

The refusal to eat in his dreams is something he hates to do in daily life.

Dreaming of islands: Children may feel lonely or see the island as a place to escape unjust interference.

Dreaming of giants: The behemoth in a fairy tale is often a superman that everyone obeys, which shows that the child feels depressed and his personality cannot develop.

Dreaming of drowning: It reflects the fear of “sinking” in feelings, and the child is afraid of losing the love of parents or friends.

Dream of falling: falling into the bottomless pit means that the child is not good at contacting people and is difficult to adapt.

The reason may also be guilt after doing something bad.

Dreaming of glass items: It means that the child is afraid of the previous serious relationship will be broken, such as fear of parents divorce.

Or he was afraid to say what might be scolded.

Dreaming of cats and dogs: Many children dream of cats and dogs, indicating that they are concerned and tender, hoping to be caressed.

Dreaming of the tunnel: The child is surrounded by darkness. He is going through a period of weakness, and the child should be encouraged to know himself again.

Dreaming of getting lost: The mind is warning that your child is overwhelmed. The most important thing is to make the child feel safe and loved now.